Important Note for Non-CS/CE Students Regarding Registration: Due to high demand, Computer Science courses at the 4000-level and above are only open to Computer Science and Computer Engineering students during early registration periods. (COMS W4111 and CSOR W4231 are also open to IEOR students who are required to take these courses). We will open COMS courses to students in other departments in August (for fall registration) and January (for spring registration. There are no exceptions to this policy.

As more non-CS majors enroll in computer science classes, the department is adding courses specifically designed to make computer science accessible to the wider student population.

Hybrid Courses

Courses with a section number that begins with an “H” (H01, H02, etc) are open ONLY to SEAS graduate students and SEAS Undergraduate students who are majoring in Computer Science. Students may take up to 1 Hybrid course per semester. These policies are set by each school and not specifically by the department.

Intro Courses

Computing in Context (COMS W1002) is a computer science course for non-majors, emphasizing computational methods for text analysis while teaching Python programming. The class combines lectures in basic computer science with lectures and projects applying those methods to multiple disciplines within the liberal arts, including digital humanities, social science, and econ financing. For more information, see It’s a Computing Revolution in the Liberal Arts.

Introduction to Computing for Engineers and Applied Scientists (ENGI E1006) introduces computational thinking, algorithmic problem solving and Python programming with projects designed around applications in science and engineering. Intended for first-year SEAS students.

Emerging Scholars Program (COMS W1404) is a 1-point, pass/fail, semester-long program that concentrates on the collaborative and problem-solving aspects of computer science. Weekly workshops give students an extra opportunity to explore CS-related topics and fields.

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