Allen, Peter Kirby
Interests: Robotics, Vision, 3-D modeling

Andoni, Alexandr
Associate Professor
Interests: Algorithmic foundations of massive data, including sublinear algorithms, high-dimensional geometry, theoretical machine learning

Bareinboim, Elias
Associate Professor
Interests: Causal Inference, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Bauer, Daniel
Lecturer in Discipline

Belhumeur, Peter N
Interests: computer vision; graphics; image-based rendering; face recognition

Bellovin, Steven M.
Percy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer Science
Interests: security, networks, privacy, public policy

Blaer, Paul S
Senior Lecturer in Discipline
Interests: robotics, vision, sensor planning, 3D modeling, mobile computing, computer science education

Blei, David
Professor, Joint with Statistics
Interests: Statistical machine learning, topic models, scalable Bayesian computation

Blumberg, Andrew
Visiting Faculty
Interests: Topological and geometric data analysis, computational biology, computer security

Cannon, Adam H
Senior Lecturer in Discipline
Interests: machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining

Carloni, Luca
Interests: System-on-Chip (SoC) Platforms, Embedded Systems, System-Level Design, Computer-Aided Design

Chaintreau, Augustin
Associate Professor
Interests: Networked Algorithms, Social Networks, Mobile Computing, Stochastic Networks

Chang, Shih-Fu
Joint, Richard Dicker Professor of Electrical Engineering
Interests: multimedia, computer vision, machine learning, information retrieval, signal processing

Chen, Xi
Associate Professor
Interests: Algorithmic Game Theory and Economics, Complexity Theory

Chilton, Lydia B
Assistant Professor

Cidon, Asaf
Affiliate, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Collins, Michael
Vikram S. Pandit Professor
Interests: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Dear, Tony
Lecturer in Discipline

Drinea, Eleni
Senior Lecturer in Discipline, Computer Science and Operations Research
Interests: information theory, network coding, randomized, online and approximation algorithms, network analysis, and dimensionality reduction techniques

Edwards, Stephen A.
Associate Professor
Interests: Compilers, Embedded systems, VLSI, computer-aided design, digital systems, languages

Feiner, Steven K
Interests: Human-computer interaction, graphics and user interfaces, 3D user interfaces, augmented reality, virtual environments, knowledge-based design of graphics and multimedia, mobile and wearable computing, computer games, healthcare, information visualization,

Geambasu, Roxana
Associate Professor
Interests: distributed systems, operating systems, security and privacy, cloud computing, mobile computing

Gravano, Luis
Interests: databases, information retrieval, web search, social media, information extraction

Gu, Ronghui
Assistant Professor

Hirschberg, Julia B.
Percy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer Science
Interests: Computational Linguistics/Natural Language Processing, prosody, emotional speech, spoken dialogue systems, deceptive speech, entrainment/alignment in dialogue, text-to-scene generation, speech summarization, code-switching

Hsu, Daniel J
Associate Professor
Interests: algorithmic statistics, machine learning, privacy

Jana, Suman
Assistant professor
Interests: security and privacy, applied cryptography, operating systems, software engineering

Kaiser, Gail E
Interests: static and dynamic program analysis, software testing, software security, applications of AI to software engineering and vice versa

Kender, John R
Interests: Computer vision; video understanding; visual user interfaces; artificial intelligence

Kim, Martha A
Associate Professor
Interests: Computer Architecture, Hardware Systems, Hardware/Software Interaction and Parallel Hardware and Software Systems

Knowles, David
Assistant Professor
Interests: machine learning, computational biology, genomics.

Lee, Jae Woo
Senior Lecturer in Discipline
Interests: Computer Science Education, Networks, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing

Malkin, Tal G
Interests: cryptography, complexity theory, security, randomized algorithms

McKeown, Kathleen
Henry and Gertrude Rothschilds Professor of Computer Science
Interests: natural language processing, summarization, multimedia, digital libraries

Misra, Vishal
Interests: Networking, with particular attention to net neutrality and the economics of the Internet; modeling and performance evaluation; information theory

Nayar, Shree K
T. C. Chang Professor of Computer Science
Interests: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Robotics, Human-Computer Interfaces

Nieh, Jason
Interests: operating systems, mobile computing, cloud computing, networking, security

Papadimitriou, Christos H
The Donovan Family Professor

Pe'er, Itsik G
Associate Professor
Interests: Computational biology, genomics, bioinformatics

Ray, Baishakhi
Assistant Professor

Ross, Kenneth A
Interests: database systems, query processing, declarative languages, genetics

Rubenstein, Dan
Interests: Computer networks, Network Robustness and Security, Multimedia networking, Performance Evaluation, Algorithms

Salleb-Aouissi, Ansaf
Senior Lecturer in Discipline
Interests: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Frequent patterns, Classification, Ranking, Rule Learning

Schulzrinne, Henning G
Julian Clarence Levi Professor
Interests: Computer networks; multimedia systems; mobile and wireless systems; ubiquitous and pervasive computing

Servedio, Rocco A.
Department Chair
Interests: computational complexity theory; randomness in computing; computational learning theory; sublinear-time algorithms

Sethumadhavan, Simha
Associate Professor
Interests: Computer Architecture; Security, VLSI design; High Performance Computing

Smith, Brian A
Assistant Professor

Song, Shuran
Assistant Professor

Stein, Clifford
Professor, Joint with Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Interests: algorithms, combinatorial optimization, network algorithms, scheduling, theory of computation

Interests: computer security; intrusion and anomaly detection; embedded device security; data mining/machine learning

Stroustrup, Bjarne
Visiting Professor
Interests: distributed systems, design, programming techniques, software development tools, and programming languages

Interests: machine learning, empirical inference, statistical learning theory

Verma, Nakul
Lecturer in Discipline

Vondrick, Carl
Assistant Professor

Weinstein, Omri
Assistant Professor
Interests: Information Theory, Communication Complexity, Data-Structure Lower Bounds, Computational Economics

Wing, Jeannette M
Avanessians Director of the Data Science Institute

Wu, Eugene
Assistant Professor
Interests: database, visualization, data cleaning, crowd sourcing, interaction, data explanation

Yang, Junfeng
Associate Professor
Interests: Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Security, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Networks

Yannakakis, Mihalis
Percy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer Science
Interests: algorithms, complexity theory, combinatorial optimization, databases, testing and verification

Yuen, Henry
Starting January 2021

Zheng, Changxi
Associate Professor
Interests: Computer graphics, physically-based multi-sensory animation, computational acoustics, scientific computing, robotics

Faculty Emeritus and Former Professors

Aho, Alfred V.
Professor Emeritus, Lawrence Gussman Professor of Computer Science
Interests: compilers, software engineering, algorithms, quantum computing

Coffman, Ed
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms and Networks; Stochastic Analysis: Internet Congestion, Sensor Systems, Cognitive Radio, Molecular Computing

Galil, Zvi
Dean Emeritus of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and Julian Clarence Levi Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Methods and Computer Science

Gross, Jonathan L.
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Statistics
Interests: Computational aspects of low-dimensional topology -- topological graph theory, Celtic knots, 3D-shape-modeling

Johnson, David S
December 9, 1945 - March 8, 2016
Interests: Algorithms, Complexity, the Experimental Analysis of Algorithms, the Traveling Salesman Problem, and Bin Packing

Nowick, Steven
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Asynchronous and Mixed-Timing Digital Circuits and Systems, Computer-Aided Design, Networks-on-Chip, Interconnection Networks for Parallel Processors, Low-Power Digital Design

Traub, Joseph F.
June 24, 1932 - August 24, 2015
Interests: quantum computing, information-based complexity, financial computation

Unger, Stephen H
Professor Emeritus
Interests: asynchronous circuits and systems, digital logic, technology and society, engineering ethics

Waltz, David
May 28, 1943 - March 22, 2012
Interests: AI; machine learning and applications to power grid, epilepsy prediction, and natural language processing

Wozniakowski, Henryk
Professor Emeritus

Yemini, Yechiam
Former Professor
Interests: Biological networks and computer networks