Jae Woo Lee

Lecturer in Discipline
Department of Computer Science
Columbia University
Email: jae@cs.columbia.edu
Curriculum Vitae


I am a lecturer in the Dept. of Computer Science at Columbia University. I received B.A. in Physics from Columbia College in 1994, came back to Columbia for graduate studies in Computer Science in 2004, and received Ph.D. in CS in 2012.

Before I came back to grad school, I was a programmer, a manager, a consultant, and an entrepreneur (my old resume). I worked mostly in the financial sector. Yes, I came back to academia to repent. :-)


Fall 2015:

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I'm a member of the Internet Real-Time Lab (IRT), headed by Professor Henning Schulzrinne. I lead the NetServ project. NetServ is a programmable router architecture, intended for dynamically deploying in-network services on edge routers.

I presented NetServ at the plenary session of the 9th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC9) in Washington, D.C.


Cloud Computing NetServ Location-Based Services CS Education DHT and Multicast Content-Centric Networking
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