Changxi Zheng
  616 Schapiro (CEPSR)
  Dept. of Computer Science
  Columbia University
  New York, NY 10027

I'm a (tenure-track) Associate Professor at Columbia University. I joined the faculty of Computer Science Department after I received my PhD from Cornell University. Now I am co-directing Columbia's Computer Graphics Group (C2G2) in Columbia Vision and Graphics Center (CVGC). I work in applied computer science, focusing on computational photonics, computational fabrication, computer graphics, and scientific computing.

Research Statement
One focus of my research concerns realistic synthesis of virtual sounds for computer graphics applications. We are developing practical algorithms that automatically generate virtual sounds synchronized with animated dynamics. The goal is to create realistic virtual environments that are both visible and audible for entertainment, training, design or other applications.

More broadly, I am interested in realistic simulations that involve really complex dynamics. Such high-fidelity simulations usually require either complex physical models or prohibitively expensive computation. We draw ideas from physical insights, mathematical approximations and perceptual studies, developing new approaches to enable practical high-fidelity simulations for computer graphics, computational design and robotics applications.

I am actively looking for self-motivated students, especially the students with strong Optics/Physics/CS background. If you are at Columbia, feel free to come to talk to me. If you are interested but not at Columbia, please consider applying our PhD program.

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