Brian A. Smith Columbia E-mail: Snap E-mail (Snap inquiries): Office: 611 Schapiro CEPSR (map) Office Phone: +1-212-853-8455 Mailing Address: 500 West 120 St, Room 450 Mail Code 0401 New York, NY 10027 Curriculum Vitae: PDFBrian Smith CV Oct 2021

Hi, I'm Brian!

I am an Assistant Professor at Columbia University's Dept. of Computer Science, where I direct the Computer-Enabled Abilities Laboratory (CEAL). My students and I develop computers that help people perceive and interact with the world around them. Our research is interdisciplinary and incorporates accessibility, games, AR, AI, sensing, and vision.

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I am also a research scientist at Snap Research 👻, where I develop new concepts in human–computer interaction (HCI), social computing, games, and augmented reality. I am a member of Snap's HCI Research team and work closely with SnapLab, Snap's hardware division and the team behind Spectacles.