Faculty Emeritus

Aho, Alfred V.
Professor Emeritus, Lawrence Gussman Professor of Computer Science
Interests: compilers, software engineering, algorithms, quantum computing

Allen, Peter Kirby
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Robotics, Vision, 3-D modeling

Bashkow, Theodore
November 16, 1921 - December 23, 2009
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Coffman, Ed
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms and Networks; Stochastic Analysis: Internet Congestion, Sensor Systems, Cognitive Radio, Molecular Computing

Galil, Zvi
Dean Emeritus of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and Julian Clarence Levi Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Methods and Computer Science

Gross, Jonathan L.
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Statistics
Interests: Computational aspects of low-dimensional topology -- topological graph theory, Celtic knots, 3D-shape-modeling

Johnson, David S
December 9, 1945 - March 8, 2016
Interests: Algorithms, Complexity, the Experimental Analysis of Algorithms, the Traveling Salesman Problem, and Bin Packing
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Nowick, Steven
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Asynchronous and Mixed-Timing Digital Circuits and Systems, Computer-Aided Design, Networks-on-Chip, Interconnection Networks for Parallel Processors, Low-Power Digital Design

Traub, Joseph F.
June 24, 1932 - August 24, 2015
Interests: quantum computing, information-based complexity, financial computation

Unger, Stephen H
Professor Emeritus
Interests: asynchronous circuits and systems, digital logic, technology and society, engineering ethics
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Waltz, David
May 28, 1943 - March 22, 2012
Interests: AI; machine learning and applications to power grid, epilepsy prediction, and natural language processing
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Wozniakowski, Henryk
Professor Emeritus

Yemini, Yechiam
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Biological networks and computer networks