CS Professors Win Test of Time Awards

Five CS professors received Test of Time awards for research papers that have had a lasting impact on their fields. The influential papers were presented at their respective conferences in the past 25 years and have remained relevant to research and practice.


Toniann Pitassi and Richard ZemelInternational Conference on Machine Learning (ICML ’23)

Learning Fair Representations 

by Rich Zemel, Yu Wu, Kevin Swersky, Toni Pitassi, Cynthia Dwork


39th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME ’23)

An Empirical Study of API Stability and Adoption in the Android Ecosystem 

by Tyler McDonnell, Baishakhi Ray, and Miryung Kim


43rd Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques (Eurocrypt ’24)

A Unified Framework for the Analysis of Side-Channel Key Recovery Attacks 

by François-Xavier Standaert, Tal G. Malkin, and Moti Yung



A Measurement Study of Google Play 

by Nicolas Viennot, Edward Garcia, and Jason Nieh