Does AI in NYC need restrictions? Officials hold closed-door meeting to discuss

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine assembled a group of New York legislators, academics, advocates, and tech policymakers — including a representative from Google — a week ago to discuss how people use artificial intelligence, and whether government regulation is keeping up with the explosive new technology.

One Thing Leads to Another

Teaching AI to distinguish between causation and correlation would be a game changer— well, the game may be about to change.

A simple model of the brain provides new directions for AI research

Google Research held an online workshop on the conceptual understanding of deep learning. The workshop discussed how new findings in deep learning and neuroscience can help create better artificial intelligence systems. Christos Papadimitriou discussed how our growing understanding of information-processing mechanisms in the brain might help create algorithms that are more robust in understanding and engaging in conversations. Papadimitriou presented a simple and efficient model that explains how different areas of the brain inter-communicate to solve cognitive problems.