Summer A & Summer B: 2022 Computer Science Course Schedule


Please note that this schedule may be subject to change. 

Summer A 2022:  May 23 – July 1                                                           

Course # Course Name Instructor Time
COMS W1004  Intro to CS and Prog in Java Paul Blaer MW 5:30-8:40 PM
COMS W3203 Discrete Mathematics Dan Rubenstein TR 9:30-12:40 PM
COMS W3251 Computational Linear Algebra Nakul Verma  TR 1:00-4:10 PM
COMS W3261  Computer Science Theory  Timothy Randolph TR 1:00-4:10 PM
COMS W4111 Intro to Databases Alexandros Biliris MW 1:00-4:10 PM
COMS W4995 Topics in CS: Machine Learn w/Finance German Creamer MW 5:30-8:40 PM
COMS W4995  Topics in CS:  C++ for C Programmers Jae Lee TR 4:10-7:20 PM
CSEE W3827  Fundamentals of Computer Systems Timothy Paine MW 5:30- 8:40 PM
CSOR W4231 Analysis of Algorithms I    Alexandr Andoni TR 1:00-4:10 PM


Summer A 2022:  July 5 – August 12       

Course # Course Name  Instructor    Time
COMS W3134 Data Structures Paul Blaer MW 5:30-8:40 PM
COMS W4701 Artificial Intelligence Tony Dear TR 1:00-4:10 PM
COMS W4705 Natural Language Processing Daniel Bauer MW 4:10-7:20 PM
COMS W4771 Machine Learning Nakul Verma TR 1:00-4:10 PM
COMS W4995 From Algorithmic Thinking to Development Brian Borowski TR 5:30-8:40 PM
COMS W4995 Advanced Deep Learning Iddo Drori MW 1:00-4:10 PM