General (A-Z)

Academic Honesty Policy
The Department of Computer Science Policies and Procedures Regarding Academic Honesty is available here. More information on the SEAS academic integrity policy can be found here.

Access, swipe cards
Key card access to the department requires filling out a web form on MICE (see ‘Access’ menu). Your advisor, sponsor, or student services staff will be notified by email and can then approve the request. You will receive an email when the request has been approved. After that, it can take the University access control office several days to enter your information into the system.

If an existing access level does not work, contact Controlled Access at 854-8500.

For changes in Undergraduate and MS program descriptions, contact Clarissa Pena.

For changes in faculty listings, please contact Maria Joanta.

Class mailbox
Class mailbox for assignments are in the TA room. There are 16 (8 large with drop slots, 4 large without drop slots, 4 small without drop slots). The TA Coordinator can assign boxes and keeps the keys.

The department purchases coffee and filters for the coffee maker in the CSB lounge. Users of the coffee equipment are responsible for cleaning the coffee maker after use. For more information, stop by at the front office.

Colloquium and talks
You can subscribe to announcements for lectures. Elaine Roth can assist with ordering, setting up and cleaning up food for meetings and colloquiums, as well as keys, A/V and other logistics.

Columbia University Ombuds Office
The University Ombuds Office offers a safe place for any member of the Columbia community to discuss workplace issues, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, bureaucratic runarounds, and many other problems. This office promises to keep discussions confidential, and it is not part of any formal University process.

Conference rooms
The department has four conference rooms: 620 CEPSR, CSB 453, CSB 488, and CSB 480. You can reserve those rooms through MICE (Rooms/Reserve a meeting room). For larger events, you can reserve the Davis Auditorium and the Interschool Lab (7th floor CEPSR) through the Dean’s office, using the on-line reservation form at the SEAS web site (under quick links).

The department has 3 high-volume copiers, one is in the CS building (4th floor), and the other 2 are in CEPSR (6th &7th floor). Report problems to Copier. Copier codes for classes and individuals are assigned by the department. Please send email to

A FAQ discusses copyright issues for projects and technical reports.

Courier (FedEx, DHL, UPS & USPS)
The front office staff in 450 Computer Science Building (main office) receive courier and package deliveries such as FedEx, DHL,UPS and USPS. You will be notified by email when a package arrives.

For outgoing packages, the department has accounts with FedEx. Outgoing courier packages can be deposited at the front office or in the FedEx box outside of Low Library.

CS Lounge & CS Court Yard
The lounge and court yard are open to students, faculty, staff, and may be used for events hosted by the department. The room reservation can be made in MICE under Rooms (Reserve a room).

Dining cards (Faculty House)
The dining card for the Faculty House restaurant can be picked up from Rosemary Addarich. If she is not available, check with Elias Tesfaye as he may have some cards available. Please return it immediately with a receipt after enjoying your meal, as the number of cards is limited. Unless the meal was for a faculty candidate or distinguished visitor, you also need to provide a project number to be charged.

The departmental fax number is +1 (646) 775-6023, and the fax machine is located in the CS main office. The staff at the front desk will notify fax recipients by email. The fax cover sheet can be found in the front office.

It is recommended that you obtain a personal fax number for incoming faxes. For example, Efax offers such a service.

Funding Issues
If you have GRA or TA funding issues, contact Maria Joanta (

Only full-time, compensated Officers of Instruction and Research, including those with visiting appointments, full-time Officers of the libraries, and Senior Officers of Administration (Grades 14 and above) are eligible to apply for university housing. Visit for more information, or contact Columbia Human Resources at (212)870-3074.

Incoming students or current students, please contact SEAS Graduate Student Services for housing inquiries. The general SEAS office number is: (212)854-6438.

Craigslist is a good off-campus housing resource.

OCHA is also a good off-campus housing resource.


ISSO Intent to Sponsor Form

Use this form for requesting visa sponsorship for faculty, officers of research, and Visiting Scholars/Scientists.

If you need a key for your office, send email to keys.

Faculty and Admin-Staff, are eligible to get mailbox in the CS main office. Please send an email request to MailBox with name and status (i.e., Faculty, Admin-Staff, etc,.)

MS admissions
MS admissions are handled by the MS admission committee, supported by Clarissa Pena. Clarissa can be reached by email for questions related to the Terminal MS curriculum. MS Admissions are now being administered through an online system. You can see more information about MS admissions here.

MS program
The MS program is managed by Student Services. The MS Academic Committee addresses policy issues.

To announce news to the department and interested outsiders and to have it appear on the CS web page, simply fill out the MICE form under News/Submit news item. A news editor will then be notified by email; the editor can then edit, delete and approve the news item.

Approved public news items automatically show up on the departmental home page and are distributed to the cucs-news mailing list. Anybody can subscribe to that mailing list.

Internal announcements (e.g., birth announcements and such) are not distributed.

Office Space
Space is provided for faculty and administrative staff, research scientists or postdocs who are fully funded through a CUCS salary, PhD students, and MS GRAs and CSE GRAs funded through CUCS. If space is available, the department will also try to accommodate unfunded visitors invited by faculty.

Space requests should be made by the faculty member with whom the person desiring space works (for academic requests) or the Department Administrator (for administrative requests).

PhD admissions
The PhD Admissions Committee manages the PhD admissions process. The current PhD admissions chair is Prof. Itsik Pe’er.

PhD Program Requirements
Specific questions can be directed to, PhD Program Administrator, or PhD Chair, Professor Gail Kaiser

Proposal budgets
Your Grant Analyst can help with preparing proposal budgets and submit the documents in RASCAL. If you don’t know which resource is assigned to you, contact Maria Joanta at

For information on purchasing, visit Purchasing.



Lenore Hubner ( is our contact for room and scheduling issues.


Room scheduling

Meeting rooms are scheduled through MICE under “Rooms.”

Classroom scheduling is handled by the Registrar’s office. (


Salary Issues

Contact Director of Finance and Administration, Maria Joanta.



The 3 Copiers in the CS department can be used as a high-speed scanner. locations are 4th floor CSB, 6th & 7th floor of CEPSR



Faculty service assignments are updated by Rosemary Addarich.

PhD Community Service is arranged by the PhD Reps. All inquiries pertaining to PhD Community Service should be directed to


Student Advising

Undergraduate CS majors should contact Graduate students should contact for academic advising.



Submit suggestions to our electronic suggestion box or by contacting the department administrator or chair.



Supplies (pens, paper, blue books, etc,) are available to faculty and staff, and are located in the front office.


Travel and business reimbursement

For information on reimbursement, Visit our Accounts Payable page