PhD Reps

The current (as of May 2024) phd rep is Tao Long.  


The ‘phd reps’ represent PhD Student concerns to the faculty, find people for the community service program, and report on faculty meetings to PhD Students.

They recruit students for community service positions and update MICE
pages accordingly, help schedule and coordinate social events and
assist with new-student orientation.

PhD reps meet with the Department Chair at the beginning and end of every semester to discuss PhD issues.

They conduct a PhD meeting a few days before the faculty meeting to
discuss progress that has been made and ask PhD students about
current issues that need to be raised during the faculty meeting.

They attend faculty meetings to speak during designated slot about issues concerning PhD students; take faculty meeting notes and send relevant issues to the PhD students.

PhD reps are elected for two year terms. Elections are held during September of each year. Candidates must have completed at least one semester in the PhD program and should have at least one semester of community service such as cookie czar, coffee hour czar, BBQ czar. Candidates can be nominated by other PhD students or can nominate themselves. Candidates will give a two minute speech talking about what they would like to accomplish at the townhall meeting held during the early part of the fall semester. PhD students will then vote by email to phd-reps@cs until one week after the townhall meeting. Only one PhD rep will be elected per year so there will be a combination of one senior representative and one new one.

Last updated May 11, 2024.