Topics Courses


Below are tables with topics courses that have been offered over the last few years. The tables also show which tracks each course can be applied to for the MS in Computer Science degree -“X” means the course counts towards that track. If you have any questions, please email Approval requests for courses not listed on these charts should be directed to your MS track advisor.

COMS 4995

“X” means the course counts towards that track

Course Computational Biology Computer Security Foundations Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Network Systems Software Systems Vision and Graphics CS/Journalism
Advanced Algorithms  x x x x
Algorithms, Incentives, and Learning x x x x
Arts Rsch: Interactive Stories x
Applied Deep Learning X X X
Applied Machine Learning X x x
Blockchains and their Applications
Business of Software Delivery x
Competitive Programming X
Crypto & Financial Processes x x
Data Sci Tech Entrepreneurship x x
Deep Learning (Iddo Drori) x X x  x x
Deep Learning for Computer Vision (Peter Belhumeur) X X x x X
Design Using C++ x
Digital Geometry Processing x x
Elements of Data Science: A First Course X X X
Engineering Software as a Service X
Fund. of Distributed Systems x x
GPU Computing x x
Hacking 4 Defense x x x
Internet Tech Econ Policy x
Int Agile Project Management x
Intro to Data Visualization x x X x
Intro to DevOps
Intro to Networks & Crowds x x x x
Intro Social Networks x
Intro to Semantic Web x
Introduction to Computer Security x
Language Library Design C++ x
Logic and Computability X
Machine Learning for functional Genomics X X
Machine Learning Theory X
Mathematics of Machine Learning and Signal Recognition x
ML w/ Applications in Finance X
ML w/Probabilistic Programming X
Methods in Unsupervised Learning X X X X X
Multilingual Language Technology and Language Diversity X X
Networks & Crowds X X X X
Neural Networks Deep Learning X X X
Open source Development X X
Optimization Methods in Machine Learning X X X
Parallel Functional Programming X
Randomized Algorithms X X X
Secure Software Development x  x X x
Semantic Representations for NLP X X X
Topics in Financial Computing
Video Game Development x
Video Game Technology (Production) and Design x
VoIP Security x x

COMS 6998

“X” means the course counts towards that track

Course Computational Biology Computer Security Foundations Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Network Systems Software Systems Vision and Graphics CS/Journalism
3D UI Curriculum Design               x  
Advanced Distributed Systems x x       x x    
Advanced Image-Based Vision and Rendering               x  
Advanced Internet Routing           x      
Advanced ML for Personalization x x
Adv Sem Computational Genomics x                
Advanced Spoken Language Processing      X X        
Adv. Topics in Comp. Geometry     x            
Adv. Topics in Complexity Theory     x            
Adv. Topics Proj Deep Learning x x x x
Adv. Topics in Machine Learning x   x x x        
Advanced Topics in Programming Language/Compilers     x       x    
Advanced Topics in Security   x              
Advanced Video Game Development               x  
Advanced Web Design Studio           x x
Algebraic Techniques in CS      X            
Algo Techniques Massive Data   x x x       x  
Algorithms for Dealing with Massive Data     x x          
Algorithms for Massive Data         X        
Algorithms Through Geometric Lens x x x  
Algorithmic Game Theory     x x          
Algorithmic Graph Theory x         x      
Analysis of Networks & Crowds   X    
Bandits & Reinforcement Learning x x x x x x
Bayesian Analysis for NLP       x x        
Biological Networks x                
Cellular Networks Mobile Compt           x      
Cloud Computing x x       x      
Cloud Computing and Big Data x x   x   x x  X x
Cloud and Mobile Challenges   x       x      
Cloud and Mobile Security           x      
Cognitive Computing IBM Watson x     x x        
Computation & the Brain x    X x  x        
Comp Methods/High Thrghpt SEQ x                
Computational Models of Speech and Language x x
Comp Models of Social Meaning x     x  x        
Computational Aspects of Geometrical Design               x  
Computational Human Genetics x                
Cpm Vis Machine Learning Mobile Platform x     x       x  
Content Distribution           x      
Content Networking           x      
Cybersecurity Tech Policy Law X x x
Data Science & Entrepreneurship       x   x      
Database Topics in Research & Practice x
Dialog Systems (Conversational AI) x  
Digitally Mediated Storytelling       x x        
Econ of Social Networks     x x   x      
Embedded Scalable Platforms           x      
Empirical Methods of Data Science X   X X       X
Experimental Analysis Algos     x x          
Formal Hardware & Software Verification   x              
Formal Verification          X      
Formal Verification/HW/SW Syst x            
Formal Verification of System Software           X    
Foundations of Blockchains                
Fund of Speaker Recognition/Fund of Speech Recognition*    X X X   X
Geometry Processing and Animation               x  
Graphics & Comp Motion               x  
High-Dimensional Data Analysis       x       x  
High Performance Machine Learning       X          
Humanoid Robotics               x  
Information Theory in CS X X X
Info Theory in Theoretical CS x x x  
Interactive Data Exploration Systems  x x x x
Int Agile Project Management
Internet Economics           x      
Intro to Brain Computer Interaction x x
Intro to DevOps                  
Intro/Distributed Data Mining x     x          
Intro to Project Management (general elective only)  
Lower Bounds of Theoretical CS     x            
Machine Learning and Climate       x        
Machine Learning for NLP       x x        
Machine Translation       x x        
Malware Analysis Rev Eng   x       x     x
Micro-service Apps & APIs           x x    
Microservice/Cloud Apps x
ML W/Probabilistic Progr                 x
Mobile Computing           x      
Mobile Computing with Iphone and Android           x      
Mobile HCI               x  
Modern As-a-Service App Development x x x  x
Modern Internet App Development           x x x  
Modern Internet Service Oriented Application Development           x x x  
Modern Serverless Cloud Apps   x         x    
NLP: Computer Models of Soc. Meaning       x          
NLP for the Web       x x        
Network Systems Implementation           x      
Network Theory   x  x x  x  x      
Next Generation Network Arch           x      
Practical Cryptography           x      
Practical Deep Learning     x        
Practical Deep Learning System Performance       X          
Practical Privacy Technologies   X   X
Probabilistic Programming x x
Privacy in Online Social Networks   x        x      
Q&A Tech for IBM Watson         x        
Quantum Computing: Theory and Practice x x
Randomness in Computing     x            
Readings Language Design           X   X
Representation Learning       X
Research Seminar in
Computational Genomics
Resilient Hardware Systems   x       x      
Search Engine Technology x     x x x      
Security and Robustness of ML Systems x X X X
Semantic Tech in IBM Watson       x x        
Seminar in Animation and Geometry Processing               x  
Seminar in Evolutionary and
Comparative Genomics
Seminar on Biological Networks x                
Seminar on Spoken Dialogue Systems x                
Social Networks   x x  
Software Defined Network           x      
Software Security and Exploitations   x              
Statistical Methods for NLP       x x        
Storytelling with Streaming Data         x        
Sublinear Time Algos Learning     x x          
The Synthetic Control Method       X  x       X
Systems for Human Data Interaction           X    
The TSP in Theory and Practice     x            
Topics in Computational Complexity x x x  
Topics in Computer Vision               x  
Topics in Datacenter Networking   x       x    
Topics in Human Language Technology x x
Topics in Learning Theory x x x x  
Topics in Networked Tags x x       x      
Topics in Robotic Learning       X  X        
Topics in Virtual and Augmented Reality             X
Ubiquitous Genomics x                
Virtual Machines   x       x  X    
Web Application Servers – Arch-Design           x  X    

*Due to significant overlap, students can receive credits for only one of these courses.