MS Faculty Track Advisors

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MS Faculty Track Advisors

For questions regarding your program of study and course approvals, contact your faculty track advisor. Please check MICE for your specific advisor assignment. For administrative and registration questions, contact CS Advising. For questions about CS MS admissions, please review our FAQs before emailing: MS Admissions

Computational Biology Itsik Pe’er
Computer Security Suman Jana
Foundations of CS Henry Yuen
Machine Learning David Blei, Elias Bareinboim, Daniel Hsu, Henry Yuen, David Knowles, Suman Jana, Rich Zemel, Zhou Yu. (Check Mice for your advisor)
NLP Kathy McKeown
Network Systems Augustin Chaintreau
Software Systems Junfeng Yang, Bjarne Stroustrup(Check Mice for your advisor)
VGIR Steve Feiner (as of Jan 2023)
CS-Journalism Daniel Hsu

MS Program Chair

Mihalis Yannakakis

Updated 09/2023