Department Lectures

The Distinguished Lecture Series brings computer scientists to Columbia to discuss current issues and research that is affecting their particular fields.
Demystifying the Dissertation is a seminar series where computer science PhD students discuss their experiences and research projects.

Demystifying the PhD is a seminar series which highlights computer science PhD students. The group of students host individual Zoom sessions to discuss different elements of applying to a PhD program.

During Tuesday Topics with Alumni, a computer science alum talks about a topic of their expertise and leads a discussion on the various careers related to the field of computer science.

Our Columbia and Barnard faculty share their journeys in computer science in the Female Faculty Focus series.

Learn about undergrad research projects from the researchers themselves in the Undergraduate Research Colloquy.
How She Made It interviews diverse, trailblazing professionals, and allows students to learn more about how the speakers launched into industry, overcame obstacles, and became the successful superstars they are today!