Computer Science PhD Pre-Submission Application Review (PAR) Program

The PhD PAR program offers a one-time review of an applicant’s Personal Statement and CV. The review is done by a current computer science PhD student.


As we enter the 21st century and beyond, Science, Technology, and its related fields – including Computer Science – will play a key role in shaping the future of our society. Institutions such as Columbia University will be instrumental in working on the most important problems in the field as well as educating the next generation of academics and researchers who will go on to make their own invaluable contributions. 

In light of this reality, a group of current PhD students in the department is helping to establish the most accessible PhD application process possible to promote a diverse and welcoming intellectual environment for all. This volunteer-run program is one part of our ongoing efforts to achieve this goal.

The CS Department recognizes that our field as a whole has not succeeded in ensuring everyone has access to CS research and professional opportunities.

This lack of accessibility in CS leads to systematic disadvantages, which can manifest in several ways, including (1) difficulty in accessing research mentorship at their university or elsewhere, (2) lack of exposure to seminars and events around recent research, and (3) difficulty in accessing application mentoring when applying to a specific discipline within CS.

Motivated by this, the CS Department is running a program where PhD applicants can receive a one-time review of their Personal Statement and Resume/CV before making their final submission. The review will be done by a current PhD student (from the sub-area of CS that the applicant is interested in pursuing). Note that this program is separate from the admissions process: program reviewers do not sit on the admissions committee, and whether or not an applicant is selected to receive a review does not reflect their chance of admission to the PhD program.

Please note that this is a Student-Run Volunteer Program. Participation in this program is first-come, first-served, and dependent on the availability of our volunteer PhD reviewing pool. The form for submitting your Personal Statement and Resume/CV is here. The deadline for submitting your materials is November 10, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST. You will be notified by November 13, 2023, if your personal statement and resume/CV will be reviewed. And you will hear back from the reviewer no later than November 20, 2023



You can find additional information about the Computer Science PhD application process here.