AI: What Lies Ahead

CS professors and students are featured in the Columbia Engineering Magazine for their work in shaping the next wave of artificial intelligence. 

What Machines Can Learn from Genes

AI gives researchers fresh insights into treating cancer, predicting neurodegeneration, and monitoring the microbiome.


One Thing Leads to Another

Teaching AI to distinguish between causation and correlation would be a game changer— well, the game may be about to change


A Stronger Foundation

Creating fundamentally faster, fairer, and fitter algorithms



Lessons Learned

Taking an ethics-first approach to teaching AI



Sounds Promising

Multimodal AI and the problem of meaning




Clearing the Way

Using AI to help blind and low vision users ‘see’



Joining Hands

A new robotics project could give factory and warehouse workers equal access to remote work


Public Access

Professor Henning Schulzrinne makes all the right connections



Deceiving the Deceivers

Professor Salvatore Stolfo fights phishers with a taste of their own medicine



AI Is Still Bad at Detecting Hate Speech—Here’s A Way to Make It Better

Professor Julia Hirschberg is developing a unique approach with potentially wide implications for mitigating toxic content

How Student-Led Initiatives Are Expanding Access and Equity in AI

CS students are taking the lead in reshaping the fairness debate