Top students in computer science receive awards


In addition to awards given in previous years, the Jonathan Gross Prize for Student Excellence will for the first time honor students who graduate at the top of their class with the highest overall GPA and a track record of promising innovative contributions to computer science.

The awards for 2017 are as follows:

The Andrew P. Kosoresow Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service goes to both graduate students and undergraduates for outstanding contributions to teaching in the Department and exemplary service to the Department and its mission. Candidates are nominated by faculty and have typically have been selected for the SEAS Teaching Award. Criteria include evaluations by their supervising faculty and feedback from students in Courseworks or other forms.

Undergraduate level:  Kevin ChenZeynep Ejder
Graduate level: Julie Chien, Clement Canonne


The Certificate of Distinction for Academic Excellence is awarded at graduation to computer science and computer engineering majors who have an overall cumulative grade point average in the top 10% among graduating seniors in CS and CE. The certificates are also awarded to graduating seniors who have completed an undergraduate thesis. Generally recipients have a GPA of 3.9 or higher.


The Computer Science Department Award is a cash prize awarded to a degree candidate for scholastic achievements as a computer science major and as acknowledgement of contributions to the Department of Computer Science and to the University as a whole. Academic staff prepares a list of students with the best GPAs in the graduating class. Other factors include general scholastic excellence demonstrated through projects or class contributions. (Historically the award is given to B.A. students.) The recipients for 2017 are:

Weston Jackson (GPA 4.13, 2nd overall, 1st among BA)
Yubo Han (GPA 4.12, 3rd overall, 2nd among BA)


The Computer Science Scholarship Award, Excellence in Computer Science. Academic staff prepares a list of students with the best GPAs in the graduating class, while factoring in also general scholastic excellence demonstrated through projects or class contributions. (Historically given to BS students.) The recipients for 2017 are:

Noah Zweben (GPA 4.19, 1st overall)
David Hao (GPA 4.09, 4th overall, 2nd among BS)


The Russell C. Mills Award, established by the computer science department in 1992 in memory of Russell C. Mills, is a cash prize given to a computer science major who has exhibited excellence in the area of computer science. The recipients for 2017 are:

Ruoxin Jiang (GPA 4.09, 5th overall)
Miranda Li (GPA 4.08, 6th overall)


The Theodore R. Bashkow Award, is a cash prize presented to a computer science senior who has excelled in independent projects. It is awarded in honor of Professor Theodore R. Bashkow, whose contributions as a researcher, teacher, and consultant have significantly advanced the state of the art of computer science. The recipients for 2017 are:

Tera Blevins
Ruoxin Jiang


The Jonathan L. Gross Prize for Academic Excellence was established in 2017 in honor of Jonathan Gross, the much loved professor emeritus who taught within the Department from its establishment. Each year a cash gift is awarded to one graduating masters student and to one graduating senior from each of the four undergraduate schools served by the Computer Science Department. The recipients for 2017 are:

Lanting He, Barnard
Rudra Gopinath, General Studies
Filipe de Avila Belbute Peres, Columbia College
Mitchell Gouzenko, SEAS
Gaurav Gite, master’s student, SEAS


The Paul Charles Michelman Memorial Award for Exemplary Service is given to a PhD student in Computer Science who has devoted time and effort beyond what is expected to further the department’s goals. It is given in memory of Dr. Paul Michelman, ’93, who devoted himself to improving the department through service while excelling as a researcher. This year’s recipient is:

Clement Canonne


The following graduate-level students will receive a CS Service Award for their outstanding performance and exemplary service to the CS@CU community:

Marshall Ball
Clement Canonne
Robert Colgan
Stuart Hadfield
Luke Kowalczyk
Dingzeyu Li
Andrea Lottarini
Kevin Shi
Ana Stoica
Olivia Winn


Posted 5/10/2017