Steven Feiner receives a Career Impact Award from IEEE ISMAR

Steven Feiner

This year’s IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) recognized Steven Feiner with the Career Impact Award for “significant impact over his career to the ISMAR community.” ISMAR is the premier international conference for research in mixed and augmented reality.

A Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, Feiner has been working in the field of augmented reality for more than 25 years and published some of the earliest scholarly papers on the subject.

At Columbia he directs the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, which in 1996 created the first outdoor mobile augmented reality system using a see-through display, paving the way for current smartphone outdoor augmented reality applications; the paper describing the system received the Early Innovator Award from the International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC) just this year. His lab also pioneered experimental applications of augmented reality in tourism, journalism, maintenance, construction, and other fields.

A touring machine: Prototyping 3D mobile augmented reality systems for exploring the urban environment

Beyond augmented reality, Feiner’s research interests extend to human-computer interaction, 3D user interfaces, virtual environments, knowledge-based design of graphics and multimedia, mobile and wearable computing, computer games, healthcare, information visualization, and he co-directs the Columbia Vision and Graphics Center.

Feiner is coauthor of three textbooks, two editions of the well-known textbook Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice (the two editions were written twenty years apart and with different authors) as well as Introduction to Computer Graphics.

Among his awards, Feiner is a recipient of the IEEE VGTC 2014 Virtual Reality Career Award, and he was elected to the SIGCHI Academy (2011). Together with his students, he has won the ACM UIST 2010 Lasting Impact Award for early work on supporting 2D windows in augmented reality, and best paper awards at ACM UIST, ACM CHI, ACM VRST, IEEE ISMAR, and IEEE 3DUI.

Throughout the years, he has served as general chair (or cochair) and program chair (or cochair) for the premier research conferences in augmented reality and virtual reality: both ISMR and IEEE ISAR (the forerunners of IEEE ISMAR), IEEE VR, and ACM VRST, along with the leading research conference on innovations in human-computer interfaces, ACM UIST.

Feiner did his undergraduate degree at Brown in 1973 and received his PhD in Computer Science also from Brown in 1987


Posted 11/28/17