Departmental Life

Our CSCU Community - Located in NYC, one of the most diverse cities in the world, CSCU supports the diversity of our student population and supports the participation of our students in various student organizations, social events, and in their academic and professional/career development.

Student Organizations 

Academic Development

  • Academic Writing Workshops for Graduate Students

  • Presentation Workshops for Graduate Students

  • Research Project Fair for Undergraduates and Masters Degree Students

  • Distinguished Lecturers Series

  • Spring and Fall Hackathons for Current Students and Alumni of COMS W3157


Professional/Career Development

  • Professional Development Events – Previous events include: “Pursuing a Career in Academia”, “Intellectual Property and Patent Law”, “Career in the Federal Government” 

  • Alumni Career Panel – Alumni from our BS, MS, and PhD programs discuss about their careers and their industry and life after Columbia

  • Resume/Interviewing Skills Workshops – Every year The Center for Career Education at Columbia provides resume and interviewing skills workshops for CSCU students held in the department

  • Industry Info Sessions – Companies that have held industry information sessions in our department include such companies as Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Yahoo, AllienceBernstein, Facebook, Deutche Bank, BlackRock


Social Events

  • Trips – In past semesters CSCU students have organized such trips as whitewater rafting, hiking, skiing, ice skating, bowling, comedy club night, and jazz club night 

  • BBQs – Every semester, CSCU students organize a BBQ in the CS courtyard and lounge

  • Coffee Hour – Every Thursday CSCU students organize a coffee hour break in the CS lounge.  Coffee and cookies served!

  • Undergraduate Lunches – Held once month during the academic year. CS Undergrads are invited to have lunch with CS faculty.

  • Ice Cream Socials – Everyone loves ice cream!

  • Student organizations such as WICS, EGSC, and GSAC hosts professional and social events during the academic year                          

Student Awards  

CSCU recognizes the outstanding performance and exemplary service of CSCU undergraduate and graduate students to the CSCUS community every year with the following awards:

  • Andrew P. Kosoresow Memorial Award for Outstanding Performance in TA-ing and Service

  • Paul Charles Michelman Memorial Award for Exemplary Service to the Computer Science Department

  • CS Service Award (Phd Students)