Adjunct Teaching


Once you have received an offer to become an adjunct professor in the Computer Science Department at Columbia University, please contact the Associate Director of Academic Administration and Student Services to complete the necessary paperwork. If you have not previously been employed by Columbia, please complete the paperwork by August 28th for the Fall semester and December 28th for Spring.


Please see the Adjunct Professor FAQ. If you do not find answers to your questions, please contact theAssociate Director of Academic Administration and Student Services.


Federal law requires that the university provide students with information on the textbooks their instructors expect or recommend that they purchase. The information must be posted online in time to help students choose the courses for which they will register. Instructors should use the tool Columbia has created within CourseWorks to meet this requirement. To access that tool, simply log into CourseWorks.


We highly recommend you to discuss general and your own additional academic integrity policy in the first class. This will provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and clarify your expectations. If you have any questions pertaining to this, feel free to contact the Associate Director of Academic Administration and Student Services or your faculty sponsor.

Historically the deans handle disciplinary penalties and instructors handle academic penalties. This separation is consistent with our current published policy.

There may be a reluctance to report violators but you are urged to do so. By providing the names of violators along with a short explanation of the violation to the computer science Academic Committee and to the relevant university office a record may be kept by both the department and the school. Patterns of abuse are only detectable if individual offenses are reported. The deans are much more likely to apply appropriate disciplinary measures when there is thorough documentation supporting their case. You are welcome to discuss any potential violation and how best to respond to it with the chair of the CS Academic Committee, Adam Cannon.

When you suspect an academic honesty policy violation:

1. Discuss the situation with the student, preferably in person. You may wish to have a TA/CA present as a witness for this discussion. With or without a confession, it is entirely at your discretion how you handle the penalty academically.

2. Report the offense to the CS Academic Committee and to the appropriate school level office:

For undergraduates (SEAS,  CC, GS):

Jeri Henry
Senior Assistant Dean
Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards
(212) 854-1389

For graduate students:

Ellie Bastani
Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Services and Postdoctoral Affairs
Office of Graduate Student Affairs, SEAS
(212) 854-8930

For Barnard students:

Natalie Friedman
Dean of Studies
(212) 854-2024

Updated 11/13/2015