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Welcome to the account creation page.

New/Renewed accounts for people who are not current faculties, adjuncts, administrative staffs, research staffs (CS Employees), postdocs, MS-PhD students, or PhD Students in the Computer Science Department of Columbia University will NO LONGER include an email address

Account Expiration Dates, if you apply between the below dates your account will be valid for designated time period.

Eligibility requirements for obtaining CS accounts

You have to meet one of the following criterias in order to be able to apply for a cs account.

Ownership and Maintenance of CS Accounts

  1. CS accounts
  2. Multiple accounts
  3. Single-user accounts

If you have any problems with the account application, please call the CRF hotline: (212)939-7174.


Is a faculty member, TA Coordinator, or an administrator sponsoring your cs account?
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      Who is your sponsor?    
      If you are applying as a CS Teaching Assistant, select "TA Coordinator" as your sponsor.
      If your sponsor is not on the list, please specify the sponsor name and email address:
            Email address:
New Account? Yes
If you are applying for a new account, please check "Yes"
If you had a CS account before and would like to extend your account, please check "No"
Username Undergraduates and MS students: Type your UNI
Note for people extending their accounts: Make sure you enter the same login as before. (Also Your password will be your old password regardless of what you enter below)
UNI Type your UNI if it is different from the Username. If you don't have one, leave it blank.
First name
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Swipe Access info: (Swipe access to CLIC/MRL lab (CSB 486) is handled by MICE system. For more information, please visit: Here)
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At least 8 characters (Please use passwords that are difficult to guess, otherwise the system will lock you out and you will have to come into CRF to change the password. Please read Password How-To for more information.)
Note for people extending their accounts: For security reasons, your password will be your old password regardless of what you enter here.
Retype Password
Account Type: Please click here to see descriptions of different account types.
Shell (bash recommended)
Email address
where you can be reached
Your application submission confirmation will go to this email address. If you are paying via credit card, please make sure that the email addr you enter matches the one you enter in Kagi's website. (See above if you don't know what Kagi does). If possible, please use the Columbia email address.
Payment Method: MS and Undergraduate Students should not apply for a CS account until further notice unless you have a sponsor.
Other (must fill out project/sponsor. Important: Sponsors will be sent a notification, and they'll approve your account. Once the account is approved, we'll create the account, and you'll receive an email notification.)

If you have any questions regarding our account policy or if you have questions or comments about this page, please send mail to CRF

If you have general questions or problems, please mail