Columbia University Department of Computer Science

2003 Technical Reports

CUCS-001-03(PS); CUCS-001-03(PDF)
Improving the Coherence of Multi-document Summaries: a Corpus Study for Modeling the Syntactic Realization of Entities
Ani Nenkova and Kathleen McKeown
CUCS-002-03(PS); CUCS-002-03(PDF)
A Framework for 3D Pushbroom Imaging
Naoyuki Ichimura and Shree K. Nayar
CUCS-003-03(PS); CUCS-003-03(PDF)
Personalized Search of the Medical Literature: An Evaluation
Vasileios Hatzivassililoglou, Simone Teufel, Kathleen McKeown, Desmond Jordan, and Sergey Sigelman
CUCS-004-03(PS); CUCS-004-03(PDF)
Projecting XML Documents
Amelie Marian and Jerome Simeon
CUCS-005-03(PS); CUCS-005-03(PDF)
SWAP: A Scheduler With Automatic Process Dependency Detection
Haoqiang Zheng and Jason Nieh
CUCS-006-03(PS); CUCS-006-03(PDF)
A Hybrid Approach for Answering Definitional Questions
Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, Kathleen R. McKeown and Andrew Hazen Schlaikjer
CUCS-007-03(PS); CUCS-007-03(PDF)
A Multi-resolution Block Storage Model for Database Design
Jingren Zhou and Kenneth A. Ross
CUCS-008-03(PS); CUCS-008-03(PDF)
Parallel Probing of Web Databases for Top-k Query Processing
Amélie Marian and Luis Gravano
CUCS-009-03(PS); CUCS-009-03(PDF)
Design Languages for Embedded Systems
Stephen A. Edwards
CUCS-010-03(PS); CUCS-010-03(PDF)
Newsblaster Russian-English Clustering Performance Analysis
Lawrence J. Leftin
CUCS-011-03(PS); CUCS-011-03(PDF)
Approximate String Joins in a Database (Almost) for Free -- Erratum
Luis Gravano, Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, H. V. Jagadish, Nick Koudas, S. Muthukrishnan and Divesh Srivastava
CUCS-012-03(PS); CUCS-012-03(PDF)
Group Ratio Round-Robin: An O(1) Proportional Share Scheduler
Wong Chun Chan and Jason Nieh
CUCS-013-03(PS); CUCS-013-03(PDF)
Querying Faceted Databases
Kenneth Ross and Angel Janevski
CUCS-014-03(PS); CUCS-014-03(PDF)
A platform for multilingual news summarization
David Kirk Evans and Judith L. Klavans
CUCS-015-03(PS); CUCS-015-03(PDF)
Statistical Acquisition of Content Selection Rules for Natural Language Generation
Pablo A. Duboue and Kathleen R. McKeown
CUCS-016-03(PS); CUCS-016-03(PDF)
Using Prosodic Features of Speech and Audio Localization in Graphical User Interfaces
Alex Olwal and Steven Feiner
A General Framework for Designing Catadioptric Imaging and Projection Systems
Rahul Swaminathan, Michael D. Grossberg and Shree K. Nayar
Group Round Robin: Improving the Fairness and Complexity of Packet Scheduling
Bogdan Caprita, Wong Chun Chan and Jason Nieh
CUCS-019-03(PS); CUCS-019-03(PDF)
Kinesthetics eXtreme: An External Infrastructure for Monitoring Distributed Legacy Systems
Gail Kaiser, Janak Parekh, Philip Gross and Giuseppe Valetto
CUCS-020-03(PS); CUCS-020-03(PDF)
Using Process Technology to Control and Coordinate Software Adaptation
Giuseppe Valetto and Gail Kaiser
CUCS-021-03(PS); CUCS-021-03(PDF)
A Holistic Approach to Service Survivability
Angelos D. Keromytis, Janak Parekh, Philip N. Gross, Gail Kaiser, Vishal Misra, Jason Nieh, Dan Rubenstein, and Sal Stolfo
CUCS-022-03(PS); CUCS-022-03(PDF)
9-1-1 Calls for Voice-over-IP
Henning Schulzrinne
CUCS-023-03(PS); CUCS-023-03(PDF)
Integrating Categorization, Clustering, and Summarization for Daily News Browsing
Regina Barzilay, David Evans, Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou, Kathleen R. McKeown, Barry Schiffman and Sergey Sigelman
CUCS-024-03(PS); CUCS-024-03(PDF)
Security testing of SIP implementations
Christian Wieser, Marko Laakso, and Henning Schulzrinne
CUCS-025-03(PS); CUCS-025-03(PDF)
Evaluating Content Selection in Human- or Machine-Generated Summaries: The Pyramid Scoring Method
Rebecca J. Passonneau and Ani Nenkova
CUCS-026-03(PS); CUCS-026-03(PDF)
Retrofitting Autonomic Capabilities onto Legacy Systems
Janak Parekh, Gail Kaiser, Philip Gross, and Giuseppe Valetto
CUCS-027-03(PS); CUCS-027-03(PDF)
Comprehensive Multi-platform Collaboration
Kundan Singh, Xiaotao Wu, Jonathan Lennox and Henning Schulzrinne
CUCS-028-03(PS); CUCS-028-03(PDF)
Dynamical Systems Trees
Tony Jebara and Andrew Howard
CUCS-029-03(PS); CUCS-029-03(PDF)
Countering Network Worms Through Automatic Patch Generation
Stelios Sidiroglou and Angelos D. Keromytis
CUCS-030-03(PS); CUCS-030-03(PDF)
AIM Encrypt: A Case Study of the Dangers of Cryptographic Urban Legends
Michael E. Locasto

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