Columbia University Department of Computer Science

2001 Technical Reports

CUCS-001-01(PS); CUCS-001-01(PDF)
Process-based Software Tweaking with Mobile Agents
Giuseppe Valetto, Gail Kaiser
CUCS-002-01(PS); CUCS-002-01(PDF)
Combining visual layout and lexical cohesion features for text segmentation
Min-Yen Kan
CUCS-003-01(PS); CUCS-003-01(PDF)
Synthesizing composite topic structure trees for multiple domain specific documents
Min-Yen Kan, Kathleen R. McKeown, and Judith L. Klavans
CUCS-004-01(PS); CUCS-004-01(PDF)
Non-Single Viewpoint Catadioptric Cameras: Geometry and Analysis
Rahul Swaminathan, Michael Grossberg, and Shree K. Nayar
CUCS-005-01(PS); CUCS-005-01(PDF)
Effects of power conservation, wireless coverage and cooperation on data dissemination among mobile devices
Maria Papadopouli and Henning Schulzrinne
CUCS-007-01(PS); CUCS-007-01(PDF)
Distributed Data Mining: The JAM system architecture
A.L.Prodromidis, S.J.Stolfo, S.Tselepis, T.Truta, J.Sherwin and D.Kalina
CUCS-008-01(PS); CUCS-008-01(PDF)
Multi-Layer Utilization Maximal Fairness for Multi-Rate Multimedia Sessions
P.Mendes, H.Schulzrinne, and E. Monteiro
CUCS-009-01(PS); CUCS-009-01(PDF)
Perceived Quality of Packet Audio under Bursty Losses
W.Jiang and H.Schulzrinne
CUCS-010-01(PS); CUCS-010-01(PDF)
QProber: A System for Automatic Classification of Hidden-Web Resources
Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, Luis Gravano, and Mehran Sahami
CUCS-011-01(PS); CUCS-011-01(PDF)
An Active Events Model for Systems Monitoring
Philip N. Gross, Suhit Gupta, Gail E. Kaiser, Gaurav S. Kc, Janak J. Parekh
CUCS-012-01(PS); CUCS-012-01(PDF)
Combining pairwise sequence similarity and support vector machines for remote protein homology detection
Li Liao and William Stafford Noble
CUCS-013-01(PS); CUCS-013-01(PDF)
Compiling Concurrent Languages for Sequential Processors
Stephen A. Edwards
CUCS-014-01(PS); CUCS-014-01(PDF)
CPAK: Linux Checkpoint/Restart As a Kernel Module
Hua Zhong and Jason Nieh
CUCS-015-01(PS); CUCS-015-01(PDF)
Summarizing and Searching Hidden-Web Databases Hierarchically Using Focused Probes
Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis and Luis Gravano
CUCS-016-01(PS); CUCS-016-01(PDF)
G.729 Error Recovery for Internet Telephony
Jonathan Rosenberg
CUCS-017-01(PS); CUCS-017-01(PDF)
Where Does Smoothness Count the Most For Fredholm Equations of the Second Kind With Noisy Information?
A. G. Werschulz
CUCS-018-01(PS); CUCS-018-01(PDF)
Surface Approximation May Be Easier Than Surface Integration
A. G. Werschulz and H. Wozniakowski
CUCS-019-01(PS); CUCS-019-01(PDF)
The Design of High-Throughput Asynchronous Pipelines
Montek Singh

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