Columbia University Department of Computer Science

1989 Technical Reports

A Visual Language for Browsing, Undoing, and Redoing Graphical Interface Commands
David Kurlander and Steve Feiner
Cost Function Error in Asynchronous Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithms
M. D. Durand
CUCS-425-89 Abstract Complete Paper
Concurrency Control in Advanced Database Applications
Naser S. Barghouti and Gail E. Kaiser
Inductive Learning with BCT
Philip K. Chan
The Meld Programming Language User Manual
Bill N. Schilit, Wen-Wey Hseush, Shyhtsun Felix Wu, and Steven S. Popovich
Teleoperator control of the Utah/MIT dextrous hand - a functional approach
Amy Morishima and Thomas H. Speeter
Techniques for building highly available distributed file systems
Carl D. Tait
CUCS-511-89 Abstract Part 1 Part 2 Contents
Integrated analytical and empirical learning of approximations for intractable theories
Thomas Ellman
CUCS-512-89 Abstract Complete Paper
Models of software development environments
Dewayne E. Perry and Gail E. Kaiser

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