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Machine Learning at Columbia

Tony Jebara - Director
Students and PostDocs

Hyungtae Kim (MS)
Henrique Spyra-Gubert (MS)
Kui Tang (PhD)
Rashmi Tonge (MS)

The Machine Learning Lab at Columbia University is located at
6LE5 CEPSR, 530 West 120th Street, Manhattan, New York, NY.
Pictured above:
Adrian Weller, Anna Choromanska, Hyungtae Kim, Kui Tang, Nick Ruozzi and Tony Jebara.

Alumni PhD Students:
Anna Choromanska (now PostDoc at NYU)
Krzysztof Choromanski (now at Google Research)
Andrew Howard (now at Howard Vision Technologies)
Bert Huang (now Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech)
Risi Kondor (now Assistant Professor at U. of Chicago)
Darrin Lewis (now PostDoc at Cold Spring Harbor Labs)
Pannaga Shivaswamy (now Senior Applied Researcher at LinkedIn)
Blake Shaw (now Data Scientist at Foursquare)
Yingbo Song (now at DoD)
Adrian Weller (now at Cambridge University)

Alumni PostDocs:
Stuart Andrews (now Scientist at Columbia U. Medical Center)
Delbert Dueck (now at Microsoft)
Nicholas Ruozzi (now Assistant Professor at UT Dallas)

Alumni MS Students:
Katherine Heller (now Assistant Professor at Duke U.)
Ben Strum (now CTO at Bookt)