Student Awards

Each year the department confers awards for both academic achievement and service to the department.

Academic awards
Service awards

Academic awards


Jonathan Gross Prize

This year (2017) saw the introduction of the Jonathan Gross Prize, which honors students who graduate at the top of their class with a track record of promising innovative contributions to computer science. Five graduating computer science students—one senior from each of the four undergraduate schools and one student from the master’s program—will receive the prize each year. Named for Jonathan L. Gross, the popular professor emeritus who taught for 47 years at Columbia and cofounded the Computer Science Department, the prize is made possible by an endowment established by Yechiam (Y.Y.) Yemini, who for 31 years until his retirement in 2011, was a professor of computer science at Columbia.

Mitchell Gouzenko, Gaurav Gite, Rudra Gopinath, Jonathan Gross, Yechiam Yemini, Lanting He, Filipe de Avila Belbute Peres (photo credit: Clarissa C. Pena)

2017: Filipe de Avila Belbute Peres (Columbia College), Mitchell Gouzenko (SEAS), Rudra Gopinath (General Studies), Lanting He (Barnard College), Gaurav Gite (MS, SEAS). Profiles of each can be found here.

Computer Science Department Award

This cash prize is awarded to a degree candidate for scholastic achievements as a computer science major and as acknowledgement of contributions to the department of Computer Science and to the University as a whole. Academic staff prepares a listing of students with the best GPAs in the graduating class. Other factors include general scholastic excellence demonstrated through projects or class contributions. (Historically given to B.A. students)

2017: Weston Jackson (GPA 4.13, 2nd overall, 1st among BA); Yubo Han(GPA 4.12, 3rd overall, 2nd among BA)
2016: Elijahu Ben-Michael, Anna Lawson

Computer Science Scholarship Award, Excellence in Computer Science

Academic staff prepares a listing of students with the best GPAs in the graduating class. Other factors include general scholastic excellence demonstrated through projects or class contributions. (Historically given to B.S. students)

2017: Noah Zweben (GPA 4.19, 1st overall),  David Hao (GPA 4.09, 4th overall, 2nd among BS)

The Russell C. Mills Award

This annual award, established by the Computer Science Department in 1992 in memory of Russell C. Mills, a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science who exemplified academic excellence and intellectual curiosity, is a cash prize given to a computer science major who has exhibited excellence in the area of computer science.

2017: Ruoxin Jiang (GPA 4.09, 5th overall), Miranda Li (GPA 4.08, 6th overall)
2016: Reza Nayebi, Christopher Yan SEAS’16

Theodore R. Bashkow Award

A cash prize presented to a computer science senior who has excelled in independent projects. This is awarded in honor of Professor Theodore R. Bashkow, whose contributions as a researcher, teacher and consultant have significantly advanced the state of the art of computer science.

Service and TA’ing awards

2017: Tera Blevins, Ruoxin Jiang

Andrew P. Kosoresow Memorial Award for Outstanding Performance in TA-ing and Service

First awarded to doctoral students in Spring 2004, replacing the previous PhD TA/Teaching Award of Excellence. Awarded each year by the Department of Computer Science to up to three Computer Science students for outstanding contributions to teaching in the Department and exemplary service to the Department and its mission. One of the awardees should be an undergraduate student unless no suitable candidate can be identified. The other awardees may be MS or PhD students.  (Some undergraduate and MS awardees may be missing from the list below.)

2017: Kevin Chen (undergraduate), Zeynep Ejder (undergraduate), Julie Chien (MS),
Clement Canonne (PhD)
2016: Amar Dhingra (undergraduate), Hyonjee Joo (undergraduate), Emily Pakulski (undergraduate), Chaiwen Chou (MS), Lucas Kowalczyk (PhD)
2015: E. Charles Jubb (undergraduate), Olivia Byer (undergraduate), Maynard Marshall Ball (MS)
2014: Christopher Mulligan (undergraduate), Emily Lemonier  (undergraduate), Apoorv Agarwal (PhD), Alexander Van’t Hof (PhD)
2013: Melanie Kambadur (PhD)
2012: Jeremy Andrus (PhD), William Brown (undergraduate)
2011: Swapneel Sheth (PhD), Breannan Smith (PhD)
2010: Jonathan Bell (undergraduate), John Demme (PhD), Bert Huang (PhD), Kyoho Satsumi (MS), John Zhang (PhD)

2009: Tristan Naumann (MS), Dokyun Lee (undergraduate), Jae Woo Lee (PhD), Paul Etienne Vouga (PhD), Oren Laaden (PhD)
2008: John Cieslewicz (PhD), David Elson (PhD), John Gallagher (undergraduate)
2007: Luqman Hodgkinson (MS), David Lariviere (MS), Janak Parekh (PhD), Yingbo Song (PhD), Michael Sorvillo (MS)
2006: Christian Murphy (PhD and MS)
2005: William Beaver (MS), Abhinav Kamra (PhD)
2004: Paul Blaer (PhD), Jackson Liscombe (PhD), Maryam Kamvar (MS)
2003: Srikant Krishna (MS)
2002: Rebecca Machalow (undergraduate)

PhD Award for Excellence in TA-ing

Superceded by the Kosoresow award.

2003: Peter Davis
2002: Michel Galley, Gaurav S. Kc

Paul Charles Michelman Memorial Award for Exemplary Service to the Computer Science Department

Established November 2000. This award is given to a PhD student in Computer Science who has performed exemplary service to the department, devoting time and effort beyond the call to further the department’s goals. It is given in memory of Dr. Paul Michelman, ’93, who devoted himself to improving our department through service while excelling as a researcher.

2017: Clément Canonne
2016: Jonathan Bell
2015: David Chisholm
2014: Jonathan Bell, Clément Canonne
2013: Jonathan Bell, Swapneel Sheth
2012: Jingyue Wu
2011: Joshua Gordon, Arthi Ramachandran
2010: Kristen Parton, John Zhang
2009: Matei Ciocarlie, Chris Murphy
2008: Julia Stoyanovich
2007: Gabriela Cretu
2006: Janak Parekh
2005: Alejandro J. Troccoli, Ani N. Nenkova
2004: Janak Parekh
2003: Phillip Gross
2002: Eugene Agichtein, Eleazar Eskin, Tiberiu Chelcea

CS Service Award

The faculty selects those doctoral students agreed to be in the top 10% in service contributions, and awards them a certificate.  The names and contributions of these students are announced electronically to the department by the department chair, and are also published in the CS Newsletter.  The awardees are also invited to a celebratory meal with a subset of the faculty.

2018: Tariq Alhindi, Ghada Almashaqbeh, Oscar Chang, Brian Goodchild, Jihye Kwon, Ioannis Paparrizos. Shuo Yang, Jie Yuan, Linjie Zhu
2017: Marshall Ball, Clément Canonne, Robert Colgan, Stuart Hadfield, Luke Kowalczyk, Dingzeyu Li, Andrea Lottarini, Kevin Shi, Ana Stoica, Olivia Winn
2016: Jonathan Bell, Ioannis Paparrizos, Clément Canonne, Stuart Hadfield, Brian Smith, Dimitris Paparas, Sakhar Alkhereyf, Andrea Lottarini, Victor Soto, Jinyu Xie, Jill Jermyn,
Erica Cooper, Anna Prokofieva, Kyung Hwa Kim, Yinxiao Li, Yudong Yang
2015: Jonathan Bell, Clément Canonne, Stuart Hadfield, Lianne Lairmore, Richard Townsend
2014: Erica Cooper, Peter Du, Noura Farra, Faiza Khan Khattak, Sarah Ita Levitan, Jessica Ouyang, Anna Prokofieva, Eva Sitaridi, Breannan Smith, Sebastian Zimmeck
2013: Melanie Kambadur, Nathaniel Boggs, Heba Elfardy, Daniel Miau, Laura Wilson, Zeinab Abbassi, Erica Cooper, Revika Levitan, Arthi Ramachandran, Sara Rosenthal
2012: Zeinab Abbassi, Jonathan Bell, Nathaniel Boggs, Erica Cooper, Nicolas Dedual, Heba Elfardy, Rivka Levitan, Melanie Kambadur, Arthi Ramachandran, Austin Reiter, Sara Rosenthal, Breannan Smith, Jingyue Wu
2011: Felix Sanchez Garcia, Joshua Gordon, Maritza Johnson, Arthi Ramachandran, Austin Reiter, Breannan Smith, Etienne Vouga, Jingyue Wu, Boyi Xie
2010: Rebecca Collins, Felix Sanchez Garcia, Maritza Johnson , Sungjun Kim, Guru Krishnan, Kristen Parton,Breannan Douglas Smith, Suman Srinivasan, Paul Etienne Vouga, John Zhang
2009: Hila Becker, Matei Ciocarlie, Gabriella Cretu, Kevin Egan, David Elson, Jin Wei Gu, David Harmon, Bert Huang, Maritza Johnson, Gurunandan Krishnan, Chris Murphy, Kristen Parton, Paul Etienne Vouga, John Zhang, Hang Zhao
2008: Hila Becker, Matei Ciocarlie, Gabriela Cretu, Charles Han, David Harmon, Steve Henderson, Maritza Johnson, Kyung Hwa Kim, Arezzu Moghadam, Chris Murphy, Kumiko Ono, Kristen Parton, Carlos Perez, Alex Sherman, Julia Stoyanovich, Wonsang Song, Sean White, Hang Zhao
2007: Knarig Arabshian, Hila Becker, Matei Ciocarlie, Rebecca Collins, Gabriela Cretu, Homin Lee, Sameer Maskey, Alex Sherman, Wonsang Song, Angelos Stavrou, Julia Stoyanovich, Hang Zhao
2006: Knarig Arabshian, Salman Baset, Hrvoje Benko, Paul Blaer, John Cieslewicz, Rebecca Collins, Gabriela Cretu, Eddie Ishak, Janak Parekh, Raphael Pelossof, Angelos Stavrou, Lauren Wilcox


Updated 4/16/2018