Breadth Requirement

Important note: The registrar has labeled some computer science courses with A&S designations rather than SEAS designations. For example, W4156 is listed for spring 2017 as GU4156.  Mice will almost certainly not recognize this as the same course, but it is and we will have to figure out some kind of fix.   (See for explanation of the A&S designations.)

[Added January 2, 2017, remove note if/when fixed.]

All students must complete the Breadth Requirement. To fulfill this requirement, take 1 course from Group 1 (Systems), 1 course from Group 2 (Theory), 1 course from Group 3 (AI and Applications), and 1 more course from any of the three approved lists for a total of 4 courses. Required track and track elective courses taken at Columbia can satisfy breadth requirements if they also appear on the approved lists below. All breadth courses must be taken at Columbia and cannot be waived.

The only joint-CS courses permitted are as specified, all other breadth courses must be strictly “COMS”.  Regardless of the course number, courses labeled “certificate only” or named “xxx for Data Science”, or similar, may not be applied to the MS breadth requirement.

Group Approved Courses
Theory All COMS 42xx courses plus CSOR 4231 (not CSOR 4246), COMS W4995- Advanced Algorithms, COMS W4995-Algo, Incentives, & Learning
Systems All COMS 41xx courses except COMS 4121, COMS 416x and COMS 417x
All COMS 48xx courses plus COMS 4444 and 4460The following crosslisted courses will count toward the Systems breadth requirement: CSEE 4119, EECS 4340 and  CSEE 4823, CSEE 4824, CSEE 4840, CSEE 4868
AI & Applications All COMS 47xx courses except COMS 4776
All COMS 416x and COMS 417x
CBMF 4761