ECSEE6861-1: Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems for Spring 2016

Days and Time

Thursdays 4:10 PM-6:00 PM

Allowed For:

  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Professional
  • PhD


(i) one semester of advanced digital logic (CSEE4823 or equivalent, or instructor’s permission); and (ii) a basic course in data structures and algorithms (CS3133, 3134, 3137, 3139 or 3157, or equivalent, and familiarity with programming.




Nowick, Steven


Introduction to modern digital CAD synthesis and optimization techniques. Topics include: modern digital system design (high-level synthesis, register-transfer level modeling, algorithmic state machines, optimal scheduling algorithms, resource allocation and binding, retiming), controller synthesis and optimization, exact and heuristic two-level logic minimization, advanced multi-level logic optimization, optimal technology mapping to library cells (for delay, power and area minimization), advanced data structures (binary decision diagrams), SAT solvers and their applications, static timing analysis, and introduction to testability. Includes hands-on small design projects using and creating CAD tools.