ECOMS6735-1: Visual Databases for Spring 2019

Days and Time

Thursdays 10:10 AM-12:00 PM

Allowed For:

  • Masters
  • Professional
  • PhD


Data Structures (COMSW3133/4/7/9) required. Computer Vision (COMS W4731) or Visual Interfaces to Computers (COMS W4735) helpful but not required. Contact Instructor if uncertain.




Kender, John R


The analysis and retrieval of large collections of image and video data, with emphasis on visual semantics, human psychology, and user interfaces. Low-level processing: features and similarity measures; shot detection; key frame selection; machine learning methods for classification. Middle-level processing: organizational rules for videos, including unedited (home, educational), semi-edited (sports, talk shows), edited (news, drama); human memory limits; progressive refinement; visualization techniques; incorporation of audio and text. High-level processing: extraction of thematic structures; ontologies, semantic filters, and learning; personalization of summaries and interfaces; detection of pacing and emotions. Examples and demonstrations from commercial and research systems throughout. Substantial course project or term paper required.