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Jun 24, 2016It's time to lock the door on backdoors (Steven Bellovin)
Jun 17, 2016Is There A Cure for Motion Sickness in VR? (Steven Feiner)
Jun 16, 20166 in 10 of you will share this link without reading it, a new, depressing study says (Augustin Chaintreau)
Washington Post
Jun 16, 2016Friends who share news on Twitter help it go viral (Augustin Chaintreau)
Hindustan Times
Jun 16, 2016Virtual reality sickness 'tackled with field of view trick' (Steven Feiner)
Jun 16, 2016Columbia Researchers Tease Solution for VR Motion Sickness (Steven Feiner)
PC Magazine
Jun 16, 2016New method can fight virtual reality sickness (Steven Feiner)
Pune Mirror
Jun 15, 2016Columbia University Research On VR Sickness Prevention, Dynamic FOV Modification Showing Promise (Steven Feiner)
Tom's Hardware
Jun 14, 2016Columbia researchers develop way to combat VR sickness (Steven Feiner)
Jun 08, 2016Minimize memory moves for greener data centers (Luca Carloni)
Tech Design Forum
May 27, 2016Phone Scam 'Onslaught' Has Authorities Scrambling (Henning Schulzrinne)
Wall Street Journal
May 24, 2016Will This Augmented Reality Machine Really Replace Your PC? (Steven Feiner)
May 19, 2016Bill Would Prevent Expansion of Government Hacking Powers (Steven Bellovin)
On the Wire
May 03, 2016Flexible Camera Could Change the way We Take Photos (Shree Nayar)
Apr 27, 2016Bendy Lenses Will Change Everything about Cameras As We Know Them (Shree Nayar)
MIT Technology Review
Apr 24, 2016Scientists Developed A Thin And Flexible Camera; Captures A 360-Degree Views (Shree Nayar)
Science World Report
Apr 21, 2016Of Course Congress Is Clueless About Tech—It Killed Its Tutor (Steven Bellovin)
Apr 21, 2016You might not recognize the camera of the future (Shree Nayar)
CBS News
Apr 19, 2016Flexible lens array enables wrap-around camera (Shree Nayar)
Apr 19, 2016Flexible Camera Wraps Around Objects to Capture 360-Degree Views (Shree Nayar)
Live Science
Apr 18, 2016Even when big data has been stripped of personal details, privacy is not guaranteed, researchers say (Augustin Chaintreau)
Network World
Apr 18, 2016How location data on just two apps is enough to identify someone (Aug)
Electronic Products
Apr 18, 2016Wallpaper Camera Can Wrap a 360-degree view (Shree Nayar)
NetOn Plus
Apr 17, 2016Bendable Cameras One Step Closer to Reality (Shree Nayar)
Apr 17, 2016This flexible camera takes crazy images (Shree Nayar)
Apr 16, 2016Researchers at Columbia University Working on Wallpaper Cameras to Improve Surveillance (Shree Nayar)
NH Voice
Apr 16, 2016Bendable 'wallpaper' cameras are right around the corner (Shree Nayar)
Christian Science Monitor
Apr 16, 2016Flexible camera can wrap around surface for 360-degree view (Shree Nayar)
Science Recorder
Apr 15, 2016Wallpaper Camera Wraps Around Any Surface (Shree Nayar)
Discovery News
Apr 15, 2016Location Data From Just Two Apps Is Enough To Identify You (Augustin Chaintreau)
Apr 15, 2016Location Data on Social Media Apps can Disclose Identity of Anonymous Users (Augustin Chaintreau)
Apr 15, 2016Social media apps can disclose identity of anonymous users through location data (Augustin Chaintreau)
Apr 14, 2016Flexible sheet camera bends to give a new field of view (Shree Nayar)
Apr 14, 2016Location data from just two of your apps is enough to reveal your identity (Augustin Chaintreau)
CBS News
Apr 14, 2016Your apps' location data can expose your ID (Augustin Chaintreau)
10 News (Tampa Bay)
Apr 14, 2016Even Anonymous Users Can Be Identified With Only Two Pieces Of Data From Social Media Apps (Augustin Chaintreau)
Apr 14, 2016Big Brother? He's in your pocket (Augustin Chaintreau)
Times Live
Apr 14, 2016Geotagged posts on just two phone apps can reveal your identify (Augustin Chaintreau)
Electronics Weekly
Apr 14, 2016Location Data From Just Two Apps Is Enough To Identify You, Says Study (Augustin Chaintreau)
Express Computers
Apr 13, 2016This Flexible Sheet Camera Captures Images of What It's Wrapped Around (Shree Nayar)
Apr 13, 2016The Location Data From Just Two Of Your Apps Is Enough To Identify You (Augustin Chaintreau)
Apr 13, 2016Location data from two social networks is enough to identify you (Augustin Chaintreau)
Apr 02, 2016Pokemon Go will be augmented reality's killer app Pikachu sticks the landing (Steven Feiner)
Apr 01, 2016Why Are SIM Cards Still a Thing? (Henning Schulzrinne)
Mar 30, 2016Fooling The Machine, The Byzantine Science of Deceiving Artificial Intelligence (Allison Bishop)
Popular Science
Mar 29, 2016DNAdigest interviews DNA.Land (Yaniv Erlich)
DNA Digest
Mar 28, 2016Teaching Systems to Forget Data (Junfeng Yang)
ISS Source
Mar 25, 2016Wikipedia Doesn't Realize It's the Developing World's Internet Gatekeeper (Vishal Misra)
Mar 22, 2016As Apple Doubles Down on Encrypted Phones, Google Sits on Its Design for a "Digital Safe" (Simha Sethumadhavan)
MIT Technology Review
Mar 20, 2016Computer scientists want to make robots forget their bad data (Junfeng Yang)
Mar 17, 2016Portable DNA Sequencer MinION Helps Build the Internet of Living Things (Yaniv Erlich)
IEEE Spectrum
Mar 03, 2016Headlines From the Future: What If the FBI Beats Apple in Court? (Steven Bellovin)
New York Magazine
Mar 01, 2016Apple, the FBI, and the Internet of Things: Your whole house is open to attack (Steven Bellovin)
Los Angeles Times
Feb 27, 2016If Apple Creates an iPhone Backdoor, It Immediately Becomes a Hacking Target (Steven Bellovin)
Feb 23, 2016Experts: The FBI's iPhone-unlocking plan for Apple is risky (Steven Bellovin)
Feb 21, 2016Apple Still Holds the Keys to Its Cloud Service, but Reluctantly (Steven Bellovin)
New York Times
Feb 21, 2016 (Peter Allen)
Nvidia news developers
Feb 19, 2016Hate ironing? Meet the robot with built-in 'wrinkle analysis' that can do it for you (Peter Allen)
Daily Mail
Feb 19, 2016Robots Can Now Flawlessly Iron Clothes (Peter Allen)
Feb 19, 2016New robots can iron clothes perfectly (Peter Allen)
Feb 19, 2016Cambits: The 3D Printed Camera You Can Reconfigure Yourself (Shree Nayar)
3D Printing Industry
Feb 18, 2016Edward Snowden defends Apple in fight against FBI (Steven Bellovin)
Feb 18, 2016Cambits 3D printed blocks let you build completely modular camera (Shree Nayar)
Feb 18, 2016Research lab begins testing modular imaging system that rearranges into different cameras (Shree Nayar)
Design Bloom
Feb 17, 2016Cambits modular imaging system can transform into many different cameras (Shree Nayar)
R&D Magazine
Feb 17, 2016Edward Snowden defends Apple in fight against FBI (Steven Bellovin)
Dothan First
Feb 12, 2016Technology Scholar Appointed by Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (Steven Bellovin)
Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
Feb 10, 2016Telcos may cash in on loopholes in Trai regulation, warn experts (Vishal Misra)
Economic Times
Feb 10, 2016How engineers are working to preserve the past (Shree Nayar)
I'm an Engineer
Feb 08, 2016India's New Open Internet Law Is Stronger Than the United States' (Vishal Misra)
Feb 08, 2016India deals Facebook's free service a mortal blow with open-Internet ruling (Vishal Misra)
Daily Dot
Jan 08, 2016When it comes to Net Neutrality, apples are equal to oranges (Vishal Misra)
Economic Times
Dec 31, 2015Why tech-savvy Indians are mad at Mark Zuckerberg (Vishal Misra)
Dec 30, 2015Facebook Free Basics: The top arguments in the latest Net Neutrality debate (Vishal Misra)
Indian Express
Dec 28, 2015It's a battle for internet freedom (Vishal Misra)
Dec 24, 2015The problem with encryption backdoors? Anyone can get in (Steven Bellovin)
San Francisco Chronicle
Dec 23, 2015When the NSA Is a Hacker's Best Friend (Steven Bellovin)
Foreign Policy
Dec 16, 2015You Cannot Lie To Your Computer Anymore (Julia Hirschberg)
Vermont Journal
Dec 11, 2015This Algorithm Will Try to Predict Which Gang Threats on Twitter Turn into IRL Violence (Kathy McKeown)
Dec 08, 2015Should people have access to their own genomic data? (Yaniv Erlich)
Genetic Literacy Project
Dec 07, 2015Whether, and How, to Give DNA Data Back (Yaniv Erlich)
Dec 07, 2015In Genome-Wide Analysis, Researchers Link Short Tandem Repeats to Gene Expression Variations (Yaniv Erlich)
Dec 07, 2015Why Silicon Valley Won't Enlist in Anti-Terror Fight (Steven Bellovin)
Bloomberg Business
Dec 04, 2015Kazakhstan Moves to Tighten Control of Internet Traffic (Steven Bellovin)
New York Times, Bits column
Nov 19, 20153D printed 'zoolophones' produce specific sounds (Changxi Zheng)
Nov 17, 2015Paris Attack Could Renew Debate Over Encrypted Messaging Apps (Steven M. Bellovin)
NBC News
Nov 17, 2015Paris Attacks Have Encryption Debate Resurfacing Despite No Hard Evidence Terrorists Used Encrypted Communications (Steven Bellovin)
The Blaze
Nov 17, 2015Blaming Snowden for Paris Is Typical Government Finger-pointing, Says Greenwald (Steven Bellovin)
Nov 16, 2015How the Paris attacks may renew the debate over encryption and security technology (Steven M. Bellovin)
Brandon Sun
Nov 13, 2015'Nasty' Bug In MetroPCS Site Left Personal Data of Subscribers Open to Hackers (Steven M. Bellovin)
Nov 12, 2015Yale Center for Research Computing tackles data problems (Kathy McKeown)
Yale Daily News
Nov 03, 2015Columbia University to lead NSF-funded project for Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub (Kathy McKeown)
News Medical
Nov 03, 2015Using big data to power an energy revolution (Kathy McKeown)
Oct 31, 2015You Need Geniuses At MIT, Harvard, And Columbia To Make An Animal-Shaped Xylophone (Changxi Zheng)
Oct 30, 2015Researchers develop algorithm to 3-D print vibrational sounds (Changxi Zheng)
Science 360 News
Oct 19, 2015DNA.Land pooling crowdsourced direct-to-consumer genome data for research (Yaniv Erlich)
Genetic Literacy Project
Oct 19, 2015Let's talk about that NSA Diffie-Hellman crack (Steven M. Bellovin)
The Register
Oct 15, 2015New User-Sourced Website Aims To Serve as Genomic Data Hub (Yaniv Erlich)
Oct 15, 2015Why Data Breaches Often Are Worse Than They First Sound (Salvatore Stolfo)
Oct 14, 2015New York Team Crowdsources Genomic Data Through DNA.Land (Yaniv erlich)
Oct 14, 2015The Crowdsourcing Site That Wants to Pool Our Genomes (Yaniv Erlich)
The Atlantic
Oct 13, 2015New tool Sunlight expands tracking of personal data on the Web (Roxana Geambasu)
Market Business News
Oct 09, 2015New tool expands tracking of personal data on the Web (Roxana Geambasu)
Oct 08, 2015Ashkenazi Jews all come from a founding population of about 350 people (Itsik Pe'er)
Archaeology News Report
Sep 27, 2015News ComputingEmbedded Systems Embedded Anti-Malware Defends Against Cisco IP Phone Hack (Salvatore Stolfo)
IEEE Spectrum
Sep 22, 2015The Best New Defense in Cyber Security can be found on...Printers (Salvatore Stolfo)
Popular Science
Sep 22, 2015Human-Like Facebook Is Using Our Data To Build The 'World's Best' Artificial Intelligence Lab (Vladimir Vapnik)
Popular Science
Sep 17, 2015Coloring Complex 3D Printed Objects (Changxi Zheng)
Sep 15, 2015How close is machine learning to artificial intelligence? (David Blei)
Sep 10, 2015Security experts: Real-time wiretapping a possibility on iMessage (Steven Bellovin)
San Francisco Chronicle
Aug 26, 2015First-aid Kit for Users of Hacked Ashley Madison Sex Cheating Site (Yaniv Erlich)
Aug 16, 2015What constitutes Net Neutrality? (Vishal Misra)
The Hindu
Aug 16, 2015Record Cafe: Zero-rated plans can be used to kill innovation, says Vishal Misra (Vishal Misra)
The Financial Express
Aug 15, 2015A Trail of Evidence Leading to AT&T' Partnership with the NSA (Steven M. Bellovin)
Pro Publica
Aug 15, 2015Fiat Chrysler to recall vehicles to prevent hacking (Steven M. Bellovin)
The Times
Aug 13, 2015The Voting Booth of Sperm and Egg Donor Anonymity (Yaniv Erlich)
Huffington Post
Aug 13, 2015This Startup Can Steal Data by Hacking Your Printer (Salvatore Stolfo)
Small Business Trends
Aug 10, 2015Big data analysis of state of the union remarks changes view of American History (David Blei)
Jul 24, 2015Fiat Chrysler to recall 1.4 million vehicles in U.S. to prevent hacking (Steven M. Bellovin)
Jul 15, 2015Kuwait Prepares to Enter a Brave New World With Mandatory DNA Registry of All Residents (Yaniv Erlich)
Jul 13, 2015Why Are Computers So Bad At Jokes? (Dragomir Radev)
Jul 13, 2015An Algorithmic Sense of Humor? Not Yet. (Dragomir Radev)
Technology Review
Jul 10, 2015Camera design: Prototype self-powered camera uses off-the-shelf components (Shree Nayar)
Vision Systems
Jul 07, 2015Google ads suggest higher paying jobs to men. Is the algorithm sexist? (Roxana Geambasu)
The Christian Science Monitor
Jul 07, 2015Security Experts Oppose Government Access to Encrypted Communication (Steven M. Bellovin)
The New York Times
Jul 07, 2015Report: Government Surveillance Backdoors Leading to Unsecure Networks (Steven M. Bellovin)
Redmond Magazine
Jul 06, 2015Probing the Dark Side of Google's Ad-Targeting System (Roxana Geambasu)
MIT Technology Review
Jun 18, 2015America's Most Hated Dinnertime Interruption is Facing New Test (Henning Schulzrinne)
Jun 16, 2015Password Manager LastPass Warns of Breach (Steven Bellovin)
Krebs on Security
Jun 16, 2015eBrevia Launches Bespoke, Offering Custom Contract Analytics (Kathy McKeown)
Press Release Rocket
Jun 10, 2015U.S. Senators discuss harassing phone calls exposed in 13 Investigates report (Henning Schulzrinne)
Jun 09, 2015Missouri Deputy AG testifying in federal hearing (Henning Schulzrinne)
The Missouri Times
May 31, 2015The long life of a quick 'fix' (Steven Bellovin)
Washington Post
May 26, 2015Dolling up 3D 0bjects One Paint Job at a Time (Changxi Zheng)
Mumbai Mirror
May 26, 2015FBI questions in-flight hacker who claims plane takeover (Steve Bellovin)
May 25, 2015Plane safe? Hacker case points to deeper cyber issues (Steven Bellovin)
May 24, 2015Self-powered video cameras soon (Shree Nayar)
May 19, 2015Security Expert Said He Accessed Plane Controls Mid-Flight (Steven Bellovin)
ABC News
May 18, 2015Plane hacked, manipulated mid-flight, security researcher claims (Steven Bellovin)
Washington Times
May 14, 2015Microbiomes raise privacy concerns (Yaniv Erlich)
May 14, 2015Watch this Futuristic Vat of Water Paint a Cat (Changxi Zheng)
Popular Science
May 14, 2015Precision Hydrographic Printing: A Fascinating New Way to Precisely Add Color to 3D Prints (Changxi Zheng)
May 14, 2015Watch This Futuristic Vat Of Water Paint A Cat (Changxi Zheng)
Popular Science
May 14, 2015A Crazy Way to Add Intricate Color to 3-D Printed Creations (Changxi Zheng)
May 13, 20153-D Print and Rubik's Cube-ify Almost Anything (Timothy Sun, Changxi Zheng)
IEEE Spectrum
May 01, 2015Self-Powered Surveillance Camera Developed (Shree Nayar)
Apr 21, 2015JavaScript CPU cache snooper tells crooks EVERYTHING you do online (Simha Sethumadhavan, Angelos Keromytis)
The Register
Apr 20, 2015CR company to survey Iowa City (Vishal Misra)
The Daily Iowan
Apr 20, 2015New Browser Hack Can Spy On Eight Out Of Ten PCs (Simha Sethumadhavan, Angelos Keromytis)
Apr 17, 2015'Eternal' camera can take pictures forever (Shree Nayar)
Apr 16, 2015This Eerie Video Was Shot by a Self-Powered Camera (Shree Nayar)
PC Magazine
Apr 16, 2015World's first self-powered video camera developed (Shree Nayar)
Economic Times
Apr 15, 2015A video produced by a self-powered camera (Shree Nayar)
Washington Post
Apr 15, 2015This terrifying video was filmed with the world's first self-powered camera (Shree Nayar)
The Verge
Apr 15, 2015The World's First Self-Powered Video Camera Can Record Forever (Shree Nayar)
Apr 14, 2015Ditched! Will Flipkart bailing out force Airtel to scrap the zero charge plan? (Vishal Misra)
Apr 14, 2015Google Fiber has Internet providers scrambling to improve their service (Vishal Misra)
Mar 25, 2015Augmented reality gets to work—and gets past the "Glassholes" (Steven Feiner)
ars technica
Mar 19, 2015Universal Newborn Genome Sequencing and Generation Alpha (Yaniv Erlich)
Mar 18, 2015Where Did Computers' Brains Come From? (Alfred Aho)
Mar 16, 2015It's 2015: Do you know where your genetic data are? (Yaniv Erlich)
Genetic Literacy Project
Mar 13, 201523andMe Wants to Make Drugs—Here's What That Could Mean in 10 Years (Yaniv Erlich)
Mar 12, 2015Privacy-Infringing Information Sharing Won't Stop Data Breaches (Steven Bellovin)
The Recorder
Mar 10, 2015The CIA Campaign to Steal Apple's Secrets (Steven Bellovin)
The Intercept
Mar 04, 2015State has DNA databases from cradle to jail (Yaniv Erlich)
Modesto Bee
Feb 27, 2015ISPs, Lobbyists, and Everybody Else React to FCC Net Neutrality Decision (Vishal Misra)
Feb 17, 2015'Mere' Customer Contact Information Is Actually Gold to Hackers (Steven Bellovin)
American Banker
Jan 28, 2015The Internet of Everything Goes to School (Prof. Steven Nowick)
Cisco's "The Network" (Cisco's technology network news site)
Jan 16, 2015Why President Obama's Plan Just Might Fix the Internet (Vishal Misra)
Jan 04, 2015DNA Test That Distinguishes Identical Twins May Be Used in Court for First Time (Yaniv Erlich)
Dec 23, 2014Experts Are Still Divided on Whether North Korea Is Behind Sony Attack (Steven Bellovin)
Dec 22, 2014A Bigshot with a big goal: Get kids thinking (Shree Nayar)
Christian Science Monitor
Dec 01, 20145 Cyber Monday Tips For Hacker-Proof Shopping (Steven Bellovin)
News 9 (Oklahoma)
Nov 07, 2014U.S., European authorities strike against Internet's black markets (Steven Bellovin)
The Washington Post
Nov 07, 2014Key Takeaways from Cyber Maryland IoT Security Conference (Steven Bellovin)
Nov 04, 2014How NOT to do remote PC searches: Experts explain tech dangers of Rule 41 changes (Steven Bellovin)
Oct 29, 2014Cyber Attacks Likely to Increase (Henning Schulzrinne)
PewResearch Internet Project
Oct 25, 2014The Big Bang of Social Networking (Roxana Geambasu)
The New York Times
Oct 17, 2014Stop worrying about mastermind hackers. Start worrying about the IT guy. (Steven Bellovin)
Washington Post
Oct 16, 2014FBI Director: Encryption Will Lead to a 'Very Dark Place' (Steven Bellovin)
Oct 07, 2014Is DNA Sequencing Impacting Our Understanding of Diseases? (Itsik Pe'er)
MIT Technology Review
Oct 03, 2014Untangling how cables coil (Eitan Grinspun)
Sep 30, 2014Simulation technology designed for Hollywood can be used as predictive tool for understanding fundamental engineering (Eitan Grinspun)
Sep 29, 2014Meet the Computer that Can Outsmart IBM's Watson (Kathleen McKeown)
Sep 25, 2014Security Experts Expect 'Shellshock' Software Bug in Bash to Be Significant (Steven M. Bellovin)
New York Times
Sep 17, 2014The Brilliant Ten of 2014 (Roxana Geambasu)
Popular Science
Sep 09, 2014Dropbox Acqui-Hires KBVT’s Computer Vision Geniuses To Mine Its Photos (Peter Belhumeur)
Aug 18, 2014XRay: A New Tool for Tracking the Use of Personal Data on the Web (Roxana Geambasu)
NYT Bits Blog
Jun 14, 2014This Is New York: Shree Nayar, Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers (Shree Nayar)
The Epoch Times
Jan 27, 2014US crypto researchers to NSA: If you must track, track responsibly (Steven Bellovin)
NBC News
Jan 27, 2014US looks at ways to prevent spying on its spying (Steven Bellovin)
New York Post
Oct 14, 2013Big Analogue Data - why bigger isn't always better (Simha Sethumadhavan)
IET Engineering and Technology Magazine
Oct 10, 2013NYU-Poly Cyber Security Judges Tap Top Student Teams in Hardware Hacking and Protection (Simha Sethumadhavan)
PRNewsWire (for NYU-Poly)
Oct 08, 2013NSA’s Own Hardware Backdoors May Still Be a “Problem from Hell” (Simha Sethumadhavan)
MIT Technology Review
Jul 09, 2013Privacy advocates call on government to rein in NSA (Steven Bellovin)
PC World
Jul 09, 2013US must fix secret Fisa courts, says top judge who granted surveillance orders (Steven Bellovin)
The Guardian
Jul 06, 2013Verizon Call Logs Controversy: No Such Thing As Too Much Information (Tony Jebara)
New Tech City WNYC
Jul 01, 2013Research by Prof. Misra and colleagues predicted Internet disputes, say more to come (Vishal Misra)
Communications Daily
Mar 21, 2013Columbia University’s Vishal Misra Finds Silver Lining in Cloud Computing Research (Vishal Misra)
NYC Media Lab
Feb 21, 2013Startup Offers to Protect Printers, Phones, and Other Devices from Hackers (Ang Cui and Salvatore Stolfo)
MIT Technology Review
Jan 04, 2013Popular office phones vulnerable to eavesdropping hack, researchers say (Ang Cui and Salvatore Stolfo)
NBC News
Jan 03, 2013To thwart hackers, firms salting their servers with fake data (Salvatore Stolfo)
Washington Post
Dec 25, 2012Scientific American Staff Picks: Prof. Belhumeur's "Leafsnap" among 10 Apps for Your Smart Phone or Tablet (P:eter Belhumeur)
Scientific American
Dec 06, 2012Off Hook VoIP Phone Security Vulnerability Affects Some Cisco Models (Ang Cui and Salvatore Stolfo)
Dec 05, 2012Custom Chips Could Be the Shovels in a Bitcoin Gold Rush (Simha Sethumadhavan)
MIT Technology Review
Nov 13, 2012Security experts are working to thwart a potentially devastating cyberattack (Ang Cui and Sal Stolfo)
Scientific American
Nov 03, 2012A New Robo Surgeon Requires Just One Incision (Columbia Engineering, Peter Allen)
Scientific American
Oct 21, 2012NJ parks offers digital tree guides (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
My Fox NY
Oct 21, 2012Trees Explained With The Click Of A (Smart)Phone (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
Kool Gadgets
Oct 21, 2012NJ park offers digital tree guides (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
News Times
Oct 21, 2012NJ park offers digital tree guides (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
My 9 TV
Oct 21, 2012Union County trees go high tech with digital ID tags (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
Oct 21, 2012NJ park offers digital tree guides (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
Oct 21, 2012Trees Explained With The Click Of A (Smart)Phone (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
NJ Today
Oct 20, 2012Trees Explained With The Click Of A (Smart) Phone (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
Westfield Patch
Oct 19, 2012Union County installs digital tree identification signs in Lenape Park (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
Oct 09, 2012Leafsnap Scientists (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
Our Kindergarten Journey - Blogspot
Oct 06, 2012El cabello perfecto tiene "su ciencia" (Eitan Grinspun)
La tercera
Sep 21, 2012Big bangs theory: Unlocking the secrets of great hair (Eitan Grinspun)
New Scientist
Sep 12, 2012Have Hackers Won? (Steve Bellovin)
Digital Communities
Aug 23, 2012Making Magic With Computer Science and Art (Eitan Grinspun)
The Epoch Times
Jul 27, 2012The Frightening Things You Hear at a Black Hat Conference (Vasilis Pappas)
The New York Times
Jul 23, 2012Hacking attacks on printers still not being taken seriously (Sal Stolfo, Ang Cui)
The Guardian
Jul 08, 2012Computer Virus Warning (Steve Bellovin)
ABC News
Jul 08, 2012Prof. Bellovin: Computer Virus Warning (ABC News) (Steve Bellovin)
ABC's World News Tonight
Jun 24, 2012Garden Apps: Blooms Amid the Weeds (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
The Wall Street Journal
Apr 19, 2012Columbia University and Semiconductor Research Corporation Breathe New Life into Scalability by Integrating Voltage Regulators Directly onto ICs (Ken Shepard)
Business Wire
Apr 05, 2012FedEx's Electric Vehicle Experiment (Leon Wu)
Apr 01, 2012The Human Voice, as Game Changer (Andrew Rosenberg (2009 CS PhD))
New York Times
Mar 23, 2012A Spelling Champ Whose E-U-O-N-Y-M Should Have Been 'Joy' (Rebecca Sealfon)
New York Times
Mar 23, 2012David L. Waltz, Computer Science Pioneer, Dies at 68 (David Waltz)
New York Times
Mar 20, 2012Replacing Passwords with Behavior (Sal Stolfo)
Marketplace Tech Report
Mar 19, 2012Replacing Passwords with Behavior (Sal Stolfo)
New York Times
Feb 11, 2012Here's Looking at You (but I'm Still Texting) (Hrvoje Benko, Alicia Abella)
NY Times
Dec 31, 2011Seasonal stalactites: The sharp end of icicle science (Christopher Batty and Eitan Grinspun)
New Scientist
Dec 21, 2011Students Shift to Computer Science (Adam Cannon)
The Wall Street Journal
Dec 15, 2011Actual Wisdom: Stephen Edwards (Stephen Edwards)
Dec 03, 2011Software That Listens for Lies (Julia Hirschberg)
New York Times
Nov 28, 2011Millions of printers open to devastating hack attack, researchers say (Sal Stolfo, Ang Cui)
Nov 17, 2011After Katrina, New Orleans' Entrepreneurial Boom (Jennifer Schnidman Medbery)
Nov 17, 2011OfficeHop: Stephen Edwards’ Personal Arcade (Stephen Edwards)
Nov 03, 2011Better multithreading offered by Columbia U researchers (Junfeng Yang)
Oct 20, 2011Company uses gaming to teach the world to code (Zach Sims, Ryan Bubinski)
Oct 10, 2011Brilliant Ten: Computational Contortionist (Eitan Grinspun)
Popular Science
Sep 28, 2011Wordseye Is An Artistic Software Designed To Depict Language (Bob Coyne)
The Creators Project (online)
Sep 16, 2011Avec Wordseye, Bob Coyne entend épuiser les ressources du langage (Bob Coyne)
The Creators Project (online)
Sep 07, 2011Clear Lake native is electrifying the nation with her dance technology (Miral Kotb)
Your Houston News
Sep 01, 2011What Is That? Let Your Smartphone Have a Look (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
New York Times
Aug 09, 2011The global appeal of 'sticky' live blogs (Vishal Misra, who wrote the first live blogging system at CricInfo)
Aug 08, 2011The physics behind animation (Eitan Grinspun)
Smart Planet
Aug 03, 2011Information Builders Appoints Gregory Dorman as General Manager of iWay Software Division (Gregory Dorman)
Aug 01, 2011Quasirandom Ramblings (Spassimir Paskov, Joseph F. Traub)
American Scientist
Jul 26, 2011Crypto shocker: 'Perfect cipher' dates back to telegraphs (Steve Bellovin)
The Register
Jul 25, 2011Codebook Shows an Encryption Form Dates Back to Telegraphs (Steve Bellovin)
New York Times
Jun 10, 2011What's That Tree? Try Smithsonian's New App To See (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
National Public Radio ( AP article)
Jun 10, 2011Leafsnap App: Identify Trees With An iPhone Or iPad (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
The Tonight Show (NBC)
Jun 09, 2011Facebook will learn your face unless you tell it to stop (Peter Belhumeur)
APR Marketplace
Jun 09, 2011What's that tree? Try Smithsonian's new app to see (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur) (AP article)
Jun 09, 2011How I Learned to Stop Worrying by Loving the Smartphone (Peter Belhumeur)
The New York Times
Jun 09, 2011Facebook will learn your face unless you tell it to stop (Peter Belhumeur)
NPR Marketplace
Jun 09, 2011Facebook will learn your face unless you tell it to stop (Peter Belhumeur)
NPR Marketplace
Jun 08, 2011Scientists Unveil New Mobile App To Identify Trees (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur) Local Affiliate Baltimore, MD (AP article)
Jun 08, 2011Scientists Unveil New Mobile App to Identify Trees (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur) (AP article)
Jun 08, 2011Leafsnap App: Identify Trees With An iPhone Or iPad (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
The Huffington Post (AP article)
Jun 08, 2011What's that tree? Try Smithsonian's new app to see (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
The Seattle Times (AP article)
Jun 08, 2011iPhone app Leafsnap identifies trees with picture of leaf (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
CBS News
Jun 03, 2011What's That Tree? New Leaf-ID App Can Tell You (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
Our Amazing
Jun 01, 2011Janet Lustgarten, CEO at KX Systems, on shampoo apps, databases and founding her own company (Janet Lustgarten)
Computer Weekly
May 28, 2011The Smartphone as Tour Guide for Central Park (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
The New York Times
May 26, 2011Ziff Davis Expands Executive Team; Appoints Joey Fortuna as Chief Technology Officer (Joey Fortuna)
May 16, 2011Augmented reality has potential to reshape our lives (Steven Feiner)
May 08, 2011Comment 1 inShare384 For The High-Tech Naturalist: LeafSnap Identifies Leaves Using Your iPhone's Camera (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
May 08, 2011LeafSnap iPhone app identifies trees by their leaves (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
Wired.Co (UK)
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May 06, 2011Studio 360's David Leavitt (WNYC) discusses code books with Prof. Steve Bellovin. (Steve Bellovin)
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May 06, 2011The mobile phone app that can identify a tree by its leaf (Peter Belhumeur, Neeraj Kumar)
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May 06, 2011What's That Tree? There's An App for That! (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
May 06, 2011The mobile phone app that can identify a tree by its leaf (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
The Guardian (UK)
May 06, 2011LeafSnap iPhone app lets you ID trees with camera (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
May 04, 2011Leafsnap is a New App to Identify Trees (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
May 04, 2011Gratis-App Leafsnap identifiziert Bäume (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur) (Germany)
May 04, 2011Leafsnap combines biometrics and botany for electronic field guide (LeafSnap, Peter Belhumeur)
May 02, 2011Advanced threats: Assume the worst (Sal Stolfo)
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Feb 19, 2011Final rumours and lies from the RSA show (Sal Stolfo)
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Jan 20, 2011Nice-Guy Bloggers Needn't Finish Last (Jared Eng (UG))
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Jan 06, 2011Brownstein's Mortgage Metaphysics Drives 50% Gain in Top Global Hedge Fund (William Mok (BS))
Jan 06, 2011Draw the Curtains: Gigapixel Cameras Create Highly Revealing Snapshots (Prof. Shree Nayar, Oliver Cossairt)
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Dec 30, 2010Cyber-sabotage and espionage top 2011 security fears (Dr Hugh Thompson)
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Dec 18, 2010What's Just Around the Bend? Soon, a Camera May Show You (Shree Nayar)
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Dec 17, 2010Science and Creativity: Plant IDs (Peter Belhumeur)
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Sep 27, 2010FBI Drive for Encryption Backdoors is Deja Vu for Security Experts (Steve Bellovin)
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Sep 27, 2010See, We Told You It Was a Dangerous Precedent (Steve Bellovin)
Sep 27, 2010U.S. seeks to expand Internet wiretapping (Steve Bellovin)
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Sep 27, 2010Feds seeking new rules for Internet wiretaps (Steve Bellovin)
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Sep 23, 2010After Twitter Hack, NY Times Debates Social Network Security (Steve Bellovin)
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Sep 16, 2010The T-Shirt That Scared a State (Suman Srinivasan)
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Sep 09, 2010Columbia, Medill Training New Breed of Programmer-Journalists (Julia Hirschberg)
Sep 02, 2010Computer Science Professor Helps Animate Hollywood (Eitan Grinspun)
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Aug 19, 2010The Big Idea (Steven Feiner, Steve Henderson)
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Aug 16, 2010Columbia's New Dual Degree Program Aims to 'Redefine Journalism As We Know it' (Henning Schulzrinne)
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Jul 22, 2010Dell revamps hardware testing in wake of malware issue (Daisy Nguyen, Simha Sethumadhavan)
Jul 20, 2010Drop the Chalk: Changing the Way Teachers Teach (Jen Schnidman)
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Jul 03, 2010IEEE adds CIO, CFO (Dr. Alexander Pasik)
Jun 30, 2010Dan Perry appointed Associated Press chief of bureau for Jerusalem (Dan Perry)
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Jun 29, 2010Russian Spies Hid Secret Codes in Online Photos (Tal Malkin)
Jun 14, 2010Data mining your digital footprints (Tony Jebara)
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May 28, 2010Some Grads Pick Entrepreneurship Over Wall Street Paydays (Michael Glass)
May 20, 2010Innovators Episode 6: Augmenting Reality (Steven Feiner, Steve Henderson, Ohan Oda, Mengu Sukan)
May 13, 2010On Becoming Fearless and Making an Impact Through Technical Innovation (Kathy McKeown)
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May 13, 2010Attack detectors on CPUs expose backdoors (Simha Sethumadhavan, Adam Waksman)
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May 12, 2010'Tamper evident' CPU warns of malicious backdoors (Simha Sethumadhavan)
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Apr 16, 2010Columbia University Licenses Strand Simulation Technology to Adobe Systems (Eitan Grinspun)
Apr 07, 2010Will Columbia-Trained, Code-Savvy Journalists Bridge the Media/Tech Divide? (Julia Hirschberg, Henning Schulzrinne)
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Apr 07, 2010Will Columbia-Trained, Code-Savvy Journalists Bridge the Media/Tech Divide? (Julia Hirschberg, Henning Schulzrinne)
Apr 05, 20102010 Young Investigators Announced (Luca Carloni)
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Mar 17, 2010Fending Off Cyberattacks (Angelos Keromytis)
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Jan 20, 2010China Expanding Censorship to Text Messages (Sal Stolfo)
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Jan 06, 2010BigShot: Snap-together camera introduces kids to tech, and to their world (Shree Nayar)
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Dec 26, 2009Learning with Bigshots (Shree Nayar)
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Nov 20, 2009Student granted Intel Fellowship for graphics (Miklos Bergou, Kevin Egan, Eitan Grinspun)
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Nov 11, 2009Sequans Silicon to Power New WiMAX CPE & Devices (Henning Schulzrinne)
Nov 04, 2009Future Of 911 Being Worked On At Texas A&M (Andrea Forte)
Nov 04, 2009Prof. Nayar's Little Camera Is a Big Idea for Children Around the World (Shree Nayar)
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Jun 30, 2009Cold Spring Harbor Lab eyes Sudoku in DNA research (Itsik Pe'er)
Jun 16, 2009Matchmaking Sessions Connect Entrepreneurs and Investors (Sal Stolfo)
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May 10, 2009Digital Field Guides Eliminate the Guesswork (Peter Belhumeur, Sean White)
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May 09, 2009Digital Field Guides Eliminate the Guesswork (Peter Belhumeur, Sean White)
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May 06, 2009New Weta unit will wed research, vfx (Eitan Grinspun)
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Dec 23, 2008Talking with Pactolus' Ken Osowski (Ken Osowski (MS))
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Nov 08, 2008Whiz Kids From New Jersey and Massachusetts Honored for Computer Science and Biology Research in Nation's Premier High School Science Competition (Nizar Habash)
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Nov 01, 2008SPam over Internet Telephony threat grows (Schulzrinne)
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Nov 01, 2008Why VoIP is the next target for spammers (Schulzrinne)
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Oct 30, 2008Where is Robert Morris now? (Steve Bellovin)
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Oct 16, 2008Microsoft Posts Touchless SDK on Codeplex (Michael Wasserman)
Redmond Channel Partner online
Oct 11, 2008Talk to me, e-mail: Messages that can be heard (Julia Hirschberg)
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Oct 10, 2008Web Phones Complicate 9-1-1 Technology Needs (Henning Schulzrinne)
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Oct 09, 2008Information AND network protection: Finding the right mix (Steve Bellovin)
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Oct 01, 2008Academic dishonesty and the Internet (Ken Ross)
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Sep 20, 2008Does antivirus have a future? (Sal Stolfo)
Sep 19, 2008Ubisense Aids Researchers With New Location-Aware Applications (Henning Schulzrinne)
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Sep 17, 2008New alliance to tackle defense networks (Steve Bellovin, Henning Schulzrinne)
Sep 12, 2008VMware Announces 300+ Academic Institutions Are Participating in Its Worldwide Academic Program (Jason Nieh)
PR wire
Sep 12, 2008Who Needs Hackers? (Steve Bellovin)
New York Times
Sep 12, 2008ITU Plan to Stop DoS Attacks Could End Net Anonymity Too (Steve Bellovin)
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Sep 12, 2008Please Explain: Microchips (Dr. Simha Sethumadhavan)
Aug 28, 2008Point, Click ... Eavesdrop: How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates (Steve Bellovin)
Aug 22, 2008How close is World War 3.0? (Steve Bellovin)
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Aug 08, 2008Scientists Open Columbia's New Computational Biology Lab (Dana Pe'er)
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Aug 06, 2008Talented Interns Take Microsoft Researchy by Storm (Gabriela Cretu)
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Jul 30, 2008IETF kümmert sich um den P2P-Datenverkehr (Henning Schulzrinne)
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Jul 24, 2008Future 911 (Henning Schulzrinne)
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Jul 23, 2008IPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over, Security Firm Says (Steve Bellovin)
New York Times
Jul 21, 2008My Son, the Blogger: An M.D. Trades Medicine for Apple Rumors (Arnold Kim (CS concentrator, 1996))
New York Times
Jul 12, 2008Meet the Eye Cam - Processed reflections from the cornea can make hindsight a reality (Shree Nayar, Ko Nishino)
Jul 08, 2008Five cities test high-tech 911 system (NG911 project, Henning Schulzrinne)
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Jun 23, 2008Hello, HAL (Julia Hirschberg)
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Jun 22, 2008Predicting Where You'll Go and What You'll Like (Tony Jebara)
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Jun 22, 2008The Sound and the Furious (Shaya Potter)
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Jun 09, 2008"Sputnik Innovator Awards 2005" an Moby und Henning Schulzrinne (Henning Schulzrinne)
heise online
Jun 06, 2008Designers pitch 'wild and crazy' ideas at DAC (Stephen Edwards)
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Jun 04, 2008La cathedrale Saint-Etienne en 3D (Peter Allen)
La Nouvelle Republique
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May 31, 2008Demo Shows Trial 911 System for Nomadic VoIP (Henning Schulzrinne)
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May 30, 2008Lou Dobbs Tonight (Steve Bellovin)
May 27, 2008Universities' Technology Will Track Locations of 911 Callers Using Internet Phones (Schulzrinne)
Chronicle of Higher Education
May 27, 2008The A-Z of Programming Languages: AWK (Al Aho)
ComputerWorld (Australia)
May 26, 2008Consortium Demos Its Solution For Emergency 911 Failures (Henning Schulzrinne)
May 17, 2008Stumbling Into a Spy Scandal (Steve Bellovin)
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May 11, 2008Tracking Patterns in Database of Millions of Calls (Steve Bellovin)
NPR All Things Considered
May 05, 2008Henning Schulzrinne testimony on Resolution 712 (Henning Schulzrinne)
May 03, 2008HAL 9000-Style Machines, Kubrick's Fantasy, Outwit Traders (Kathy McKeown)
Bloomberg News
May 01, 2008Hackers learn to threaten computer hardware (Simha Sethumadhavan)
New Scientist
Apr 30, 2008Verio to shut off controversial Web site (Steve Bellovin)
Apr 30, 2008Big Apple Weighs In On Net Neutrality (Henning Schulzrinne)
Apr 13, 2008Internet2 file sharing (i2hub) (Henning Schulzrinne)
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Apr 07, 2008Pictures Posing Questions (Shree Nayar)
Science News
Apr 07, 2008Top 10 Reasons Why NSA Wiretapping is Bad For America (Steve Bellovin)
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Mar 25, 2008VoIP VIPs: How Some of VoIP's Biggest Advocates Are Using the Technology They Tout (Henning Schulzrinne)
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Mar 17, 2008The Giant Who Walks Amongst Us (Steve Feiner)
Technology Review
Mar 16, 2008Internet panel to consider defenses against new attacks (Steve Bellovin)
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Mar 12, 2008TR10: Augmented Reality (Steve Feiner)
Technology Review
Mar 12, 2008Measures sought against VoIP spam (Henning Schulzrinne)
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Mar 09, 2008E-mails did in Boeing Chief Erotic Officer (Angelos Keromytis)
New York Daily News
Feb 29, 2008YouTube breakdown could happen again (Steve Bellovin)
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Feb 25, 2008How are we able to shop online securely? (Steve Bellovin)
Feb 08, 2008Computer Identity Theft (Angelos Keromytis)
WWORTV Channel 9 News (UPN)
Feb 07, 2008Cable cutter nutters chase underwater conspiracies (Steve Bellovin)
The Register
Feb 05, 2008Hifn Advances Open Source Cryptography (Angelos Keromytis)
Yahoo! Finance (press release)
Feb 01, 2008Domestic spying program could aid terrorists, experts say (Steve Bellovin)
ABC News
Jan 31, 2008Columbia Engineering Student Envisions a New Way for Businesses and Clients to Connect (Stan German)
PR Web
Jan 19, 2008YOUCOP - YOUJEST (Henning Schulzrinne)
New York Post
Jan 18, 2008Web site has a hometown approach (Stan German)
New Milford Times
Jan 16, 2008The Future of Big Brother (Julia Hirschberg)
Jan 15, 2008Who Invented the Firewall? (Steve Bellovin)
Dark Reading
Jan 01, 2008What's Next: Location, Location, Location (Henning Schulzrinne)
Pro AV Magazine
Jun 12, 2007Narc network mgmt software comes to OS X Server (Simon Lok (PhD, '05))
Dec 01, 2006Me Translate Pretty One Day (Nizar Habash)
Nov 29, 2006CHAMCO AUTO Shareholders Elect William Pollack as Chairman (William Pollack (CS MS))
Yahoo! Finance
Oct 31, 2006ABA Honors Paul Lee of Goodwin Procter with Spirit of Excellence Award (Paul Lee (MS EE/CS ~1968))
Yahoo! Finance
Oct 16, 2006Authors: Fan writer's own fantasy comes true (Naomi Novik (MS alumnae))
International Herald Tribune
Sep 18, 2006The New Barbarians (Simon Lok)
Oct 13, 2005Columbia, or Things You Can't Plan For (Columbia University Computer Science; McKeown, Aho, Nayar)
Kevin Schofield On The Job
Jul 21, 2005Henning Schulzrinne of Columbia University (Henning Schulzrinne)
VON Magazine
May 01, 2005The Kid's Got It (Simon Lok (PhD student))
Feb 17, 2005California researchers collaborate with Perlegen Sciences on map of human genetic variation across populations (Eleazar Eskin (PhD'02))
Feb 15, 2005Augmented Reality: Another (Virtual) Brick in the Wall (Blair MacIntyre (PhD '99))
Technology Review
Nov 01, 2004(Not So) Simple Simon (Simon Lok (PhD student))
Nov 01, 2004Sender Authentication Hits Roadblocks (Steve Bellovin)
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Jul 29, 2004Fleeting Experience, Mirrored in Your Eyes (Shree Nayar, Ko Nishino)
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Apr 10, 2004"The Porous Internet and How To Defend It" (Angelos Keromytis)
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Apr 01, 2004The Whistle-blower's Dilemma (Stephen Unger)
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Mar 22, 2004Spam-busters (Shlomo Hershkop)
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