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Prof. Steven M. Nowick Prof. Stephen H. Unger Montek Singh Michael Theobald Tiberiu Chelcea Garry Channing
Prof. Steven Nowick Prof. Stephen Unger Montek Singh Michael Theobald Tiberiu Chelcea Garry Channing

The research of our group focuses on many aspects of asynchronous (and synchronous) digital design.  Asynchronous, or self-timed, circuits are those which do not use a global clock.  Recent research topics include: CAD tools and algorithms; the design of high-performance and low-power datapaths; controller-design; high-speed pipelines; design of interface circuits for mixed-clock and mixed asynchronous/synchronous systems; logic synthesis; and formal hardware verification.

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For an introduction to asynchronous design, read the following articles: 

"An Introduction to Asynchronous Circuit Design,"  A. Davis and S.M. Nowick.  Technical Report UUCS-97-013, Computer Science Department, University of Utah, Sep. 1997.  [ps] [pdf]
"Scanning the Technology: Applications of Asynchronous Circuits,"  C.H. Van Berkel, M.B. Josephs, and S.M. Nowick.  Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume 87, Issue 2, Feb. 1999, pages 223-233.  [ps] [pdf]

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