Accounts Payable

Travel and business Expense

If this is your first time submitting an expense report, you will need to fill out a W-9 form for US citizens and Resident Aliens or a W-8 form for Non-Resident Aliens.

We recommend you setup Direct Deposit for your reimbursement. Please note the direct deposit you may have for your paycheck is not the same for accounts payable.

For CU travel related expenses or misc. business expenses, please use This Travel and Business Expense form (TBER)

This form is built on excel and it has a number of tabs. The first tab has a detail information of how to fill out the TBER.  It also has an extra page if you need it, a form and instructions for foreign travel currency exchange. Columbia’s excepted currency exchange website is

All original receipts must be submitted with filled out and signed form to your assigned staff. To find out who is assigned to you, please send email to The suggested timeline for submission is within 10 days of travel. But you have up to 90 days.


All purchasing request must be sent by email to You can attach quotes and links to the email and you will receive a ticket number.

You can find CU preferred vendors list here.   Please note this list will be updated time to time.