Computer Network Use Policy

Please see the University Computer and Network Use Policy.

In addition, the following policies apply within the Computer Science Department:

Computer Science Department Network Security and Privacy Policies

  1. Creation of any program, Web form, or other mechanism that asks for a Computer Science department user identity and password, e.g. UNIX ID, MRL ID, is prohibited.
  2. User files on departmental systems are kept as private as possible. Attempts to read another person’s protected files will be treated with the utmost seriousness. The system administrators will not override file protections unless necessary in the course of their duties, and will treat the contents of those files as private information at all times.
  3. The Department tries to keep the data on the machines as well as the packets to and from them private. However, the department cannot guarantee the absolute security of its systems, the privacy of any data stored or the data packets originated from or going to them.

Computer Science Departmental Network and Computing Usage Policies


  1. run multiple jobs of the same program on multiple machines
  2. run multiple jobs of the same program on the same machine
  3. run a job that requires more resources than the machine can provide, such as a job that requires 1GB or more of memory on a machine with only 1GB of memory
  4. run a job that uses up the entire CPU
  5. run a long term job without using the “nice” command

Action: We will kill all jobs that violate one or more of the rules above and THEN notify the owner.

  1. distributing copyrighted material using departmental systems

Action: We will report this to the appropriate authorities.

  1. disconnect power or ethernet of the machines in the labs to use for your laptop
  2. bring food or drink into the lab. You already know Coffee, soda, and crumbs does not go well with computers
  3. Lock your session on the computer then leave for a while. When you leave the lab, please log off

Action: We will ask you to leave the lab.

See information on copyright at

Violations of these policies may result in the immediate suspension of computer account and network access pending investigation of circumstances and may lead to their eventual revocation. Serious violations of the policy will be referred directly to the appropriate entity or outside authorities; unauthorized use of departmental computing facilities can be a criminal offense. The penalties may be as severe as suspension or dismissal from the university and/or criminal prosecution.

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Modified: December 15, 2008