Mohamed Tarek Ibn Ziad Hassan

Mohamed Tarek Ibn Ziad Hassan

PhD Candidate

Columbia University


I am a fourth year PhD candidate and Graduate Research Assistant at the Computer Science Department at Columbia University, advised by Prof. Simha Sethumadhavan.

Before joining Columbia, I worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt and a part-time Software development engineer at the ESD division, Mentor Graphics Egypt (a Siemens Business). During my M.Sc. studies, I worked on using homomorphic encryption for secure data computations, under the supervision of Dr. Yousra Alkabani and Dr. Hassan Bedour.


  • Systems security
  • Microarchitecture design
  • Hardware support of security


  • M.Phil in Computer Science, 2020

    Columbia University

  • M.Sc in Computer Science, 2019

    Columbia University

  • M.Sc in Computer Engineering, 2017

    Ain Shams University

  • B.Sc in Computer & Systems Engineering, 2014

    Ain Shams University


  • August 2020: I am extremely honored to receive the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2020 for our proposal, “Practical Software Security on Heterogeneous System on Chips”.
  • August 2020: I will be presenting my work on mitigating software_ & hardware_ memory safety errors using LLVM for C programs at the 2020 Virtual LLVM Developers’ Meeting in October!
  • May 2020: I am spending the summer as an engineering intern at Qualcomm Product Security Initiative (QPSI)!
  • April 2020: I have successfully passed my Ph.D. Candidacy Exam! The exam syllabus and slides can be found here.
  • April 2020: We make it to the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (QIF) Finalist 2020 with our proposal “Practical Security for Heterogeneous Systems”. (Acceptance rate 42/188 = 22.3%). Good luck to all the finalists!
  • March 2020: Our proposal “Practical Security for Heterogeneous Systems” is selected for the second phase of Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (QIF) 2020 North America. (Acceptance rate 120/188 = 63.8%)
  • January 2020: Our work on fine grained memory safety, Califorms, is recognized with an IEEE Micro Top Picks Honorable Mention!
  • October 2019: I presented our Califorms paper @ MICRO-52 at Columbus, Ohio, USA!
  • August 2019: We are releasing the code of our CryptoImg project as open-source.
  • July 2019: Our paper “Practical Byte-Granular Memory Blacklisting using Califorms” is accepted in the International Symposium on Microarchitecture® (MICRO 2020). (Acceptance rate 80/345 = 23.2%).
  • July 2019: I gave a talk with Miguel Arroyo about YOLO in the fourth workshop on the design and analysis of robust systems (DARS), held in conjunction with CAV 2019. Slides can be found here.


Practical Byte-Granular Memory Blacklisting using Califorms
YOLO: Frequently Resetting Cyber-Physical Systems for Security
Subtractive Hardware Trojans
CryptoImg: Privacy Preserving Processing Over Encrypted Images
Accelerating Electromagnetic Simulations: a Hardware Emulation Approach
On Kernel Acceleration of Electromagnetic Solvers via Hardware Emulation
Homomorphic Data Isolation for Hardware Trojan Protection
Finite Element Emulation-based Solver for Electromagnetic Computations
Acceleration of Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations Using FPGA-Based Emulation Technology
E-Voting Attacks and Countermeasures


QIF Winners

My proposal “Practical Security for Heterogeneous Systems” won a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (QlF 2020).

RSAC Security Scholar

Selected as an RSAC Security Scholar, which is a nomination-based program for cyber security students to present their research to leading-experts at the RSA Conference.

MICRO-50 Travel Grant

Received a student travel grant for MICRO-50 in Boston/Cambridge, MA. The travel grant was supported by the NSF with reimbursements being conducted by Princeton university.

2nd rank in the TIEC Gradation Project Competition (IBTIECAR)

My B.Sc. Graduation Project “Acceleration of Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations Using FPGA-Based Emulation Technology” won the 2nd rank in the TIEC Gradation Project Competition (IBTIECAR 2014).

Top of Undergraduate Class of 2014

Had the 1st rank, over (2500) students, graduated on 2014 from Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Egypt. I have been honored by the Egyptian president, at the Sixty-fifth Science Festival.

Distinction Award

Received distinction Award, Graduation with Honors from Computer and Systems Engineering, Ain Shams University.

Best Semester project award

Won the best Semester project award sponsored by Mentor Graphics Egypt. The project requires using Mentor tools to design and implement a simple processor (complete design files, sample test bench and synthesize report).

Egyptian Government Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Studies

Received Egyptian Government Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Studies, Five years in a row, Ain Shams University.


Columbia University

Served as a teaching assistant for the following courses:

  • CSEEW4824: Computer Architecture [Fall 2019]
  • COMSE6424: Hardware Security [Fall 2018]

Ain Shams University

Served as teaching assistant and grader for the following courses:

  • CSE011: Computer Technology [Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016]
  • CSE121: Computer Programming [Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017]
  • CSE128: Software Engineering (1) [Spring 2015, Spring 2016]
  • CSE222: Software Engineering (2) [Fall 2014, Fall 2015]
  • CSE211: Computer Organization (1) [Spring 2016, Spring 2017]
  • CSE271: System Dynamics and Control Components [Spring 2015]
  • CSE351: Electrical Testing (2) [Fall 2014, Spring 2016]
  • CSE431: Computer Networks [Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016]
  • CSE451: Electrical Testing (3) [Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016]