New Account Information

Congratulations on your new CS account!


– Undergraduate, Master, Guest: 1GB
– PhD, Researcher, staff, visitor: 50GB
– Faculty: 100GB

Usage Agreement

The COMPUTE machines are shared resources and should be used for short-term purposes.

The CLIC machines are for student homework and projects only.

In order to have enough resources for everyone to use these machines when needed, please do not run long-term programs on these machines. Instead, you should contact your advisor to arrange an alternate solution.

We reserve the right to terminate any program that affects system performance, without advanced notice.

How to check your quota

Using CLIC Machines or Compute Machines:

$ ssh or ssh
$ quota -sf ~

How to change CS account password

Using CLIC Machines or Compute Machines:

$ ssh or ssh
$ passwd
Enter login(LDAP) password:
Re-enter new password:
LDAP password information changed for username
passwd: password updated successfully

If you cannot remember your current CS account password, either:

  • Email using LionMail, CubMail or gBear to request a password reset with your cell phone number and we will text you a new password.
    Email from Gmail with a Columbia address WILL NOT be accepted. -or-
  • Come to CRF (480 MUDD) from 9a-5p weekdays with your CU ID

For security reasons, passwords will never be emailed.

If you have any questions, please contact

What System Should I Use?

Undergraduates and Masters

Clic lab (Linux): 63 Linux machines (

Everyone else

Linux: (12 VM running Linux) (8 Linux machines)

** PhDs, Researchers: Please only use the machines in Clic lab or MRL lab for your instructional classes. Please do not use these machines for your research work. We would like to reserve the Clic and MRL machines for the Undergraduate and Master students to do their homeworks and projects.



Please send an email to our Trouble ticketing system:

or call our hotline:

Our operating hours is between 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.