Projects from CSEE 4840 Embedded System Design
Spring 2013
Columbia University, Computer Engineering Program
Prof. Stephen A. Edwards


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Raycasting Video Gamestar
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Edward Garcia, Alden Goldstein, Minyun Gu, Yiming Xu, and Wei-Hao Yuan

This hardware-accelerated real-time raycaster with texture mapping operates without a framebuffer: pixels are computed on-the-fly, giving remarkably smooth 60 fps motion. The 2.5D maze sports blocks of varying heights. This group really pushed the DE2/Cyclone II FPGA to its limits, using both on-chip RAM and off-chip SRAM, SDRAM, and Flash.


Save Edwards: A Tower Defense Video Gamestar
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Zhe Cao, Wei Wei, Zeyang Yang, and Ge Zhao

Keep away the monsters so Prof. Edwards can sleep: this tower-defense game features custom graphics hardware able to display 88 independent multicolor sprites over colorful backgrounds.


Networked American Pool Video Gamestar
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Yichen Liu, Zeshi Wang, Xunchi Wu, Jiawan Zhang, and Yuhan Zhang

A very playable 8-ball pool simulator for two players complete with detailed physics, animated rolling balls, and authentic sounds.


Audio Playerstar
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Kavita Jain-Cocks, Zhehao Mao, Amrita Mazumdar, Darien Nurse, and Jonathan Yu

This music player reads a playlist of raw waveform files from an SD or SDHC card, plays songs with CD quality through the DE2's audio output, performs a real-time FFT, and displays the results on the monitor.


Rubik's Cube Solverstar
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Heather Fisher, Ifeoma Okereke, Zongheng Wang, and Yin-Chieh Wang

This accelerated Rubik's Cube solver implements Thistlethwaite's algorithm in a mix of hardware and software. A user to enters the configuration of an unsolved cube, the system solves it, then illustrates the solution step-by-step. The clever isometric display is done in hardware without a framebuffer.


Optical Mouse Scanner
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David Calhoun, Kishore Padmaraju, and Serge Yegiazarov

This group hacked into the optical processor in a mouse, feeding its 16 X 16 pixel data into a framebuffer according to observed motion, making it function like a handheld scanner. They were helped by a logic analyzer supplied by Saleae:


Pac-Man-like Video Game
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Youwei Hou, Yuedong Huang, and Yizhong Zhang

A two-player implementation Pac-Man that is very faithful to the 1982 original


A Voice Activated Video Game
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Shaobo He, Hao Hu, Kezhen Liu, Yi Su, and Sheng Zheng

A voice-controlled videogame in which speaking moves you up, down, or fires at enemies. Uses a real-time FFT to distinguish changes in voice pitch. Implemented completely in VHDL.


Snake Plus Video Game
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Nina Berg, Joseph Corbisiero, Ilan Elkobi, Molly Karcher, and Brian Wagner

A Snake-chasing game with tile-based graphics controlled by two vintage NES controllers


6502 Core in VHDL
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Yu Chen, Jaebin Choi, Anthony Erlinger, and Arthy Sundaram

This is a largely complete implementation of a MOS 6502 from 1975 reimplemeted in RTL VHDL.


Shoot Bubble Video Game
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Weichia Chen, Jun Dai, Michael Shone, and Shuo-Shu Tsai

A Super Mario-themed bubble-shooting game with sprite graphics and background sound.


Voice-Controlled Video Game
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Xiaolong Jiang, Nan Li, Junlin Lu, Ji Pei, and Hongsen Yu

A voice-controlled videogame in which speaking moves you up or fires at enemies, including Prof. Edwards once he gets mad.


A Whac-a-Mole-like Game
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Jian Lu, Lingchuan Mei, Si Wang, and Shuting Yang

This Whack-a-Mole game operates with Terasic's 4.3" LCD touch panel, making it more a Touch-a-Mole game.


Break the Bricks Video Game
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Zimeng Chen, Chong Li, Lianhao Qu, Bin Xie, and Yuanhan Yang

A Breakout clone using a rotary controller for input and sporting Spongebob and Angry Birds themes.


Fractal Landscape Generator
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Calvin Hu


Stock Market Data Processor on the SFA6900
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Artem Iakovlev, Naman Parashar, Miles Sherman, Pranav Sood, and Kevin Wong


Kill Switch: Hardware-Based Line-Rate Filtering and Capture of 10Gb/s Ethernet Network
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Bokai Chen, Qiushi Ding, Jingshu Fang, Yuyang Wang, and Liheng Wang

A basic, high-speed firewall capable of detecting "excessive" communication from a particular source and shutting it down.


Hardware Accelerated Decoding of FIX/FAST
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Danqing Hua, Chang Liu, Junkang Ren, and Raghavan Santhanam

High-speed parsing of the FIX-FAST finance communication protocol