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  • "Context and Prosody in the Interpretation of Cue Phrases in Dialogue," KTH, 22 November.
  • "Charisma in English and Arabic Political Speech," Distinguished Lecture Series, Stony Brook University, 9 November.
  • "Detecting Deceptive Speech," Johns Hopkins University Center for Language and Speech Processing Spring Seminar Series, 2 October.
  • "Deception in Speech," Tilburg University, 24 August.
  • "Perceptions of Charisma from Spoken Language in Standard American English and Palestinian Arabic," SRI Star Lab Colloquium, 26 July.
  • "The Form and Function of Cue Phrases in Spoken Dialogue," Workshop on Conversational Games and Strategic Inference, LSA Summer Institute, Stanford, July 11.
  • "Spoken Dialogue Systems," LSA Summer Institute, Stanford, 6-27 July.
  • "Credibility Assessment Research Summit," sponsored by Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) and the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), May 22-24, organized by Frank Horvath, Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment (DACA).
  • "Recognizing and Conveying Speaker State," Lockheed Martin, March 26.
  • "Detecting Deception form Speech: Acoustic/Prosodic and Lexical Cues," Distinguished Seminar Series 2006-07, Computer Science and Engineering, Lehigh University, March 1.
  • 2006

  • "Charisma Across Cultures: Acoustic/Prosodic and Lexico-Syntactic Correlates of Charismatic Speech," Collaborative Research Center Plenary Lecture, Stuttgart, November 24.
  • "Recognizing and Conveying Speaker State Prosodically," Prosody 2006, May 2.
  • 2005

  • "Recognizing a Speaker’s Emotional State," ETS, October 7.
  • "Charismatic Speech: Acoustic, Prosodic and Lexical Cues in English," Research Challenges in Speech Technology," KTH, Stockholm, October 13.
  • "‘From ‘If people aren’t happy here, they should find some place where they are happy’ to ‘What problem? We have 6 women in our department already’: Industry to Academe," WOWINC: Work Opportunities for Women in Computing, NYU, September 23.
  • Invited participant, "Behavioral Aspects of Security Workshop", NSF, June 26-28, Mark Frank, SUNY Buffalo, organizer.
  • "Recognizing a Speaker’s Emotional State," SUNY Buffalo, Center for Cognitive Science, April 6, 2005.
  • "Recognizing ’Emotional’ Speech," Karlsruhe University, February 14.
  • 2004

  • "Experiments in Recognizing Emotional Speech," CUNY CS Department Colloquium, October 21.
  • "Intonational Overload: Uses of the H* !H* L- L% Contour in Read and Spontaneous Speech," Laboratory Phonology 9, June 26, 2004.
  • "Distinguishing Deceptive from Non-Deceptive Speech: Acoustic, Prosodic, and Lexical Cues," Workshop on Detecting Deception in Language and Cultural Context, University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language, June 17.
  • 2003

  • Symposium on Intonation and Processing ICPhS 2003, Barcelona.
  • "Acoustic Cues to Emotional Speech," PROPOR 2003, Faro, Portugal, 26-7 June.
  • "Experiments in Emotional Speech," ISCA & IEEE Workshop on Spontaneous Speech Recognition, Tokyo, 15 April.
  • "Intonational Variation in Spoken Dialogue Systems," Wilem Mathesius Courses, Charles University, Prague, March 18-21.
  • "Browsing and Searching Audio Data: SCANMail," University of Pittsburgh, 24 January.
  • 2002

  • "Seeing What is Said: New Methods for Extracting Information from Speech," Computer Science Seminar, Institute for Applied Mathematics and Systems, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, December 6.
  • "Navigating Audio Like Text: Browsing and Searching Voicemail Messages in SCANMail," Fall 2002 distinguished Lecture Series, Department of Computer Science & Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland, 2 December.
  • "SCANMail: Audio Browsing and Retrieval for Voicemail," IBM Multimedia Seminar, June 19.
  • "The Pragmatics of Intonational Meaning," Speech Prosody 2002, Aix-en-Provence, 12 April.
  • 2001

  • "Audio Browsing and Search in the Voicemail Domain," NLPRS-2001, Tokyo.
  • "Meanings of Intonational Variation", Stonybrook University, November 5.
  • "Intonational Variation in Spoken Dialogue Systems: Generation and Understanding," Wilem Mathesius Courses, Charles University, Prague, March.
  • 2000

  • "Intonational Variation in Spoken Dialogue Systems: Generation and Understanding", ‘Bullet Course’ presented at the Kungl Tekniska H¨ogskolan (KTH), Stockholm, September 12-14.
  • 1999

  • "Communication and Prosody: Functional Aspects of Prosody," ESCA Workshop on Dialogue and Prosody, Eindhoven, September.
  • "When Good Recognizers Go Bad: Identifying Prosodic Cues to Recognition Errors," Johns Hopkins Center for Language and Speech Processing Workshop Guest Lecture Series, July.
  • "Intonation and Discourse Structure: Analysis, Generation, and Understanding"," Wilem Mathesius Courses, Charles University, Prague, March.
  • 1998

  • "Prosody and Discourse Structure," Third Discourse Tagging Workshop, Chiba University, May 18.
  • 1997

  • "Discourse and Dialogue Prosody: Theories of Intonational Meaning Above the Utterance Level," ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Intonation: Theory, Models and Applications, Athens, September.
  • 1996

  • "Intonation and Discourse Structure: The Boston Directions Corpus", Ohio State University, November 22.
  • "To Speak....or not to Speak: The Role of Spoken Language in Multimodal Interfaces," KONVENS 96, Bielefeld, October.
  • "Prosody in Spoken Dialogue," Course given at the Fourth European Summer School on Language and Speech Communication: Dialogue Systems, Technical University of Budapest, July.
  • "Intonational Variation and Intonational Meaning’,"Wilem Mathesius Courses, Charles University, Prague, April.
  • "Intonation and Discourse Structure: The Pragmatics of Prosodic Variation," Interfaces of Grammar: Theoretical and Computational Aspects, Universitaet Stuttgart/Universitaet Tuebingen, October.
  • "Learning from Human Performance: Corpus-Based Intonational Assignment in Text-to-Speech", Microsoft Research, March 11.
  • 1995

  • "Prosodic and Other Acoustic Cues to Speaking Style in Spontaneous and Read Speech," Panel on Speaking Styles, XIIIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Stockholm, August.
  • Discourse: Linguistic, Computational, and Philosophical Perspectives, Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, March 24-26 (invited participant).
  • "Discourse Prosody", Tutorial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue Prosody, Universitaet Stuttgart, February 13.
  • 1994

  • "Intonation and Discourse Structure: New Evidence from a Task-Oriented Domain," Workshop on Prosody, Third International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, Yokohama, September.
  • 1993

  • "Prosodic Variation for Text-to-Speech Synthesis," Special Session on Text-to-Speech, Acoustical Society of America, October 7.
  • "Meaning beyondWords: Intonational Frontiers in Natural Language Processing," (plenary talk), IJCAI-93, Chambery, France, September 1.
  • "Studies of Intonation and Discourse," (tutorial) ESCA Workshop on Prosody, Lund University, September.
  • "Pragmatics and Intonation," (course) LSA Summer Institute, Ohio State University, June/July.
  • ToBI Workshop on Prosodically Transcribed Data and Transcription Tools for Linguistics Research, Columbus OH, June (invited participant).
  • "Linguistic Cues to Discourse Segmentation", NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Burning Issues in Discourse, Maratea, Italy, April.
  • "Structuring Discourse Intonationally", CMU, March 30.
  • "Intonation and Discourse Structure", University of Rochester, March 17.
  • 1992

  • "Modeling of Contextual Information for Text-to-Speech Systems," Workshop on Prosody and Discourse, Second International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, Banff, October 13.
  • "Intonation in Natural Language Understanding and Generation," (tutorial) Second Pacific Rim International Conference on AI, Seoul, September.
  • Second Prosodic Transcription Workshop, NYNEX, May (invited participant).
  • "Intonational Correlates of Discourse Structure," University of Arizona, Tucson, April 17.
  • "Predicting Intonational Boundaries in Spontaneous Speech," Hebrew University, Jerusalem, March 10.
  • "Intonational Correlates of Local and Global Discourse Structure," NY Area Seminar on Computational Linguistics, CUNY, January.
  • 1991

  • "Predicting Intonational Boundaries from Text," CUNY, December.
  • "Computational Approaches to Intonation and Discourse," (tutorial) The Third European Summer School in Language, Logic and Information, Universitaet des Saarlandes, Saarbruecken, August 12-23.
  • MIT Prosodic Transcription Workshop, August (invited participant).
  • NSF Conference on the Grammatical Foundations of Prosody and Discourse, Santa Cruz, June/July.
  • "Intonation in Spoken Language Systems," (tutorial) 29th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, June 18.
  • (invited participant) University of Illinois Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, Champagne-Urbana, June 13-15.
  • "Predicting Intonational Boundaries Automatically from Text," Bell Communications Research, Morristown NJ, April 17.
  • "Intonational Boundaries and Syntactic Structure", Workshop on Current Issues in Natural Language Processing, Center for Cognitive Science, University of Texas, Austin, February 15.
  • 1990

  • "Scalar Implicature," Princeton Cognitive Science Group, 22 May.
  • "Assigning Pitch Accent in Synthetic Speech," MIT, May 2.
  • 1989

  • "Correlating Pitch Range Variation and Topic Structure in Discourse," AAAI Symposium on Spoken Language Systems, Stanford, March 30.
  • "Interpreting Cue Phrases Intonationally," CMU/University of Pittsburgh Computational Linguistics Seminar, January (with D. Litman).
  • 1988

  • "Intonational Meaning and Speech Synthesis," Columbia University Cognitive Seminar, April 25.
  • "Controlling Intonational Meaning in Synthetic Speech: Varying Stress, Pitch, and Timing to Convey Discourse Information," Columbia University Department of Computer Science AI Day, April 15.
  • "Generating Appropriate Intonational Features in Synthetic Speech," Bell Communications Research CHI Seminar, March 31.
  • "Intonational Features and Discourse Interpretation", US/Japan Workshop on Natural-Language Processing and Computer Software (NSF), January.
  • 1987

  • "Structuring Discourse Intonationally," AI Colloquium Series, New York University, October.
  • "The Meaning of Intonational Contours in the Interpretation of Discourse" (with J. Pierrehumbert), Symposium on Intentions and Plans in Communication and Discourse, Monterrey, March.
  • Panel on Current Issues in Discourse and Pragmatics, TINLAP-87, January.
  • "Intonational Meaning in the Interpretation of Discourse", ATRWorkshop on Natural Language Dialogue Interpretation, Osaka, November.
  • 1986

  • "Intonation and Discourse," AI Seminar, Bolt, Baranek, and Newman, Inc., July (with J. Pierrehumbert).
  • "Discourse and intonational meaning," University of Delaware, March.
  • "Intonational structuring of discourse," (with J. Pierrehumbert), Sloan Seminar in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania, February.
  • 1984

  • "The Pragmatics of Fall-Rise Intonation," (with G.Ward) Sloan Seminar in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania, October.

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