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My main area of research is computational linguistics, specifically the relationship between intonation and discourse. My current interests include deceptive speech, spoken dialogue systems; tools for linguistic fieldwork; entrainment in dialogue; translating prosody; speech synthesis;  speech search in Low Resource Languages; and hedging behaviors.  A complete list of publications can be found in my resume; if you have trouble finding any papers, please send me email. Slides from a tutorial with a bibliography are also available for download.  Also, I have written several general surveys of work on intonational meaning and text-to-speech synthesis, including "Communication and Prosody" in Speech Communication 36 (2002), an article in the Handbook of Pragmatics, "Pragmatics and Intonation," (2003), and a section of the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics on "Speech Synthesis, Prosody" (final draft).    See for a fuller listing of publications from the Speech Lab.  For a list of current and past collaborators on Columbia projects, and a fuller description of these projects, please see our lab projects page.

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Julia Hirschberg
Professor, Computer Science

Columbia University
Department of Computer Science
1214 Amsterdam Avenue
M/C 0401
450 CS Building
New York, NY 10027

phone: (212) 939-7114

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