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My main area of research is computational linguistics, specifically the relationship between intonation and discourse. My current interests include code-switching; deceptive speech; spoken dialogue systems; spoken indicators of trust; entrainment in dialogue; translating prosody; Text-to-Speech synthesis;  emotional speech in Low Resource Languages; and hedging behaviors.  A complete list of publications can be found in my resume; if you have trouble finding any papers, please send me email. Slides from a tutorial with a bibliography are also available for download.  Also, I have written several general surveys of work on intonational meaning and on text-to-speech synthesis, including "Pragmatics and Prosody" in the Oxford Handbook of Pragmatics, "Communication and Prosody" in Speech Communication 36 (2002), an article in the Handbook of Pragmatics, "Pragmatics and Intonation," (2003), and a section of the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics on "Speech Synthesis, Prosody" (final draft).    See for a fuller listing of publications from the Speech Lab.  For a list of current and past collaborators on Columbia projects, and a fuller description of these projects, please see our lab projects page.

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Julia Hirschberg
Percy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer Science

Columbia University
Department of Computer Science
1214 Amsterdam Avenue
M/C 0401
450 CS Building
New York, NY 10027

phone: (212) 939-7114

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