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  • Organizational Executive Committee Positions:
  • Computing Research Association (CRA) Committee on Women, 2009–- (co_Chair, 2016--); Executive Committee, Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 1993–03; Executive Board, ISCA, 1999–2007 (President, 2005-7); Permanent Council, International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP), 1996–-; AAAI Council, 2012-15; Executive Board, NAACL, 2012-15; CRA Executive Board, 2012-14; IEEE Speech and Language Processing Technical Committee, 2011–.
  • Advisory Boards and Study Panels:
  • AAAI AI 100 Study Panel 2015-2017; Camomile International Advisory Committee, 2013–; HLT Advisory Board, 2004–; HLT Advisory Board, 2004–; IM2 Scientific Board, Institut Dalle Molle d’Intelligence Artificielle Perceptive (IDIAP), 2002–; Advisory Committee, Japanese Science and Technology Agency Priority Program (Organized Research Combination System), Spontaneous Speech: Corpus and Processing Technology Advisory Panel, 1999–; Advisory Panel, MATE (Multilevel Annotation, Tools Engineering) Project (EU), 1998–2000; Scientific Advisory Committee, SIGDial, 1997–; Acoustical Society of America Speech Technical Committee, 1994–96; DARPA Committee on Database and Evaluation Issues,
  • Organizational Committees:
  • Fellows Selection Committee, AAAI, 2006–8; ISCA Fellows Selection Committee, 2008-2010; Chair, ISCA Distinguished Lecturers Selection Committee, 2010-13.
  • Organizational Responsibilities for Conferences and Symposia:
  • General Chair, HLT-NAACL 2004.
  • NAACL-HLT 2009 (area chair); International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII) 2009; COLING 2008 (Area Chair); ProPor 2008; SigDial 2008; Speech Prosody 2008; ACL/HLT 2008; INTERSPEECH 2008; Spoken Language Technology 2008; ICPhS 2007; Searching Spontaneous Conversational Speech 2007 (SIGIR workshop); SigDial 2007; ParaLing 2007; INTERSPEECH 2007 (Area Chair); ACL 2007; HLT-NAACL 2007 (faculty advisor to PhD Symposium); INTERSPEECH 2006; Area Chair; HLT-NAACL 2006; AAAI-2006; Speech Prosody 2006 (Dresden); Eurospeech 2005 (Area Chair); Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Speech Indexing and Retrieval; May, 2004; Workshop on Higher-Level Linguistic and Other Knowledge for Automatic Speech Processing, May, 2004; ICSLP 2004 (Area Chair); ACL 2004; International Conference on Speech Prosody, Nara, Japan, 2004; EUROSPEECH-03 (Area Chair); ACL-03; HLT-NAACL-03; ICSLP-02 (Area Chair); Prosody 2002; ACL-02; NAACL-01; ACL-01; EUROSPEECH-01 (Area Chair); ESCA Workshop on Emotion and Speech, Belfast, 2000; ACL-00 Thematic Session on Machine Learning and Statistical NLP for Dialogue; Intonation: Models and ToBI Labeling, Workshop at ICPhS-99, Berkeley, 1999; AAAI-99 (Senior Program Committee); ESCA Workshop in Interactive Dialogue in Multi-Modal Systems, Munich, 1999; ICSLP-98; ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Dialogue and Prosody, Eindhoven, September, 1999; Computational Psycholinguistics Conference, Berkeley, 1997; ESCA Workshop on Prosody, 1993; ACL-93; ACL-92, student session; DARPA Speech and Natural Language Workshop, 1992; AAAI-90; AAAI Symposium on Spoken Language Systems, 1989; ACL-89 (Program Chair); ACL-87; AAAI-86.

  • Evaluating Panels:
  • Chair, Research Assessment 2012, Tilburg School of Humanities, Department of Communication and Information Sciences, 2011-14; Committee of Visitors, NSF CISE, 22-24 October 2014; Research Assessment Committee; Department Review Committee for NUTEK (Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development) review of Competence Centre for Speech Technology, CTT, KTH, Stockholm, March 2001; KTH Technology Advisory Panel, 1999–; Department of Computer Science, Tufts University, October 24-25, 2013; Scientific and Industrial Advisory Board, IM2 Project, IDIAP, Martigny CH, 2002–; Evaluating Committee for the NUTEK (Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development) Competence Centre for Speech Technology, CTT, Stockholm, March 2001; Technology Advisory Panel,
    1999–; Evaluating committee, Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) Priority Research Programme in Language and Speech Technology, 2000.
  • Workshop Organization:
  • Co-organizer (with R. Carlson and M. Swerts), ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems, Chateau-d’Oex-Vaud, Switzerland, August 28–31; Co-organizer (with M. Bacchiani, D. Litman, and M. Ostendorf), ISCA Tutorial and ResearchWorkshop on Prosody
    in Speech Recognition and Understanding, October, 2001; Co-organizer (with O. Rambow andM.Walker), ACL-99 Thematic Session on Discourse Tagging: Uses, Results and Applications; Co-organizer (with C. Kamm and M. Walker), ACL Workshop on Interactive Spoken Dialogue Systems, July, 1997; Co-
    organizer (with J. Olive, R. Sproat, and J. van Santen), Second ESCA/IEEE Workshop on Speech Synthesis, New Paltz, September 12-15, 1994; Co-organizer (with D. Litman), AAAI Fall Symposium ("Discourse Structure in Natural Language Understanding and Generation"), 1991.
  • PhD Advisor:
  • Nishmar Cestero, Erica Cooper, Rose Sloan, Victor Soto Martinez, Morgan Ulinski, Zixiaofan (Brenda) Yang, Robert Coyne (PhD 2017), Rivka Levitan (PhD 2014), Fadi Biadsy (PhD 2011), Agustin Gravano (PhD 2009), Frank Enos (PhD 2009), Jackson Liscombe (PhD 2008), Andrew Rosenberg (Phd 2009), Sameer Maskey (PhD 2008), Columbia University.
  • Dissertation Committees:
  • Columbia: Daniel Bauer, Noura Farra, Chris Kedze, Jessica Ouyang, Or Biran (2016), Faiza Khan Khattak (2016), Sara Rosenthal (2015), Vinod Kumar (2015), Kapil Thadani (2015), Weiyun Ma (2014), Lauren Wilcox Patterson (2013), David Elson (2012), Kristen Parton (2012), Sean White (2009), Alexander Haubold (2008), Maryam Kamvar (2008), Marios Athineos (2007), Michel Galley (2007), Elena Filatova (2007), Gabor Blasko (2007), Ani Nenkova (2006), Smaranda Murasan (2006), Lijun Tang (2006), Pablo Dubuoe (2005), Noemie Elhadad (2005), David Evans (2005), Regina Barzilay (2003), Min Kan (2002), Michael Elhadad (1992).

  • Elsewhere: Guozen An, CUNY; Sandrine Brognaux, Universite catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (2015); Kevin Lenzo, CMU (2017); Brian Langner, CMU (2010); Luciana Lucente, Universidad Estadual de Campinas (2012); Svetlana Stenchicova, Stony Brook (2009); Brian Langner, CMU (2010); Gabriel Murray, Edinburgh (2008); Hagen Soltau, CMU and Karlsruhe University (2005); Elizabeth Meddeb, Columbia Teachers College (2004); Raul Fernandez, MIT Media Lab (2003); Joachin Gustafson, KTH (Stockholm) (2002) (faculty opponent); Jinmook Kim, University of Maryland (2001--); Jeff Reynar, University of Pennsylvania (1998); Janet Cahn, MIT Media Lab (1998); Christine Nakatani, Harvard (1997).

  • Member:
  • Association for Computational Linguistics, Association for Computing Machinery, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, International Speech Communication Association, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, National Academy of Engineering.

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Julia Hirschberg
Percy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor and Chair of Computer Science

Columbia University
Department of Computer Science
1214 Amsterdam Avenue
M/C 0401
450 CS Building
New York, NY 10027

phone: (212) 939-7114

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