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  • U. S. Patent #6,173,262, "Text-to-speech system with automatically trained phrasing rules." (issued 1/9/2001)
  • U. S. Patent #6,003,005: "Text-to-speech system and a method and apparatus for training the same based upon intonational feature annotations of input text." (issued 12/14/1999)
  • "Spoken Content Based Audio Navigation," filed 07/23/1999 (with J. Choi, S. Whittaker, C. Nakatani.
  • "System And Method For Gisting, Browsing and Searching Voicemail Using Automatic Speech Recognition", filed 12/08/1999 (with S. Whittaker).
  • "Method And Apparatus For Voice Mail Notes, filed 12/16/1999 (With S. Greenspan and S. Whittaker).
  • "System And Method For Indexing Voice Mail Messages by Speaker," filed 04/17/2000 (with A. Rosenberg, S. Parthasarathy and S. Whittaker).
  • "System AndMethod For Processing VoicemailMessages Using Automatic Speech Recognition", filed 03/13/2001 (with S. Whittaker and L. Jackel).
  • "System And Method For Processing Speech Files", filed 06/12/2001 (with S. Whittaker).

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