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Principal Investigator


Julia Hirschberg

Office: Schapiro CEPSR 705
Phone: +1 212 939 7114
E-mail: juliax[at]
Home Page:

Julia Hirschberg is Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. From 1985-2003 she worked at Bell Labs and AT&T Labs, as member of Technical Staff working on intonation assignment in text-to-speech synthesis and then as Head of the Human Computer Interaction Research Department. Her research focusses on prosody in speech generation and understanding. She currently works on speech summarization, emotional speech, charismatic speech, deceptive speech, and dialogue prosody. Hirschberg was President of the International Speech Communication Association from 2005-2007 and co-editor-in-chief of Speech Communication from 2003-2006. She was editor-in-chief of Computational Linguistics and on the board of the Association for Computational Linguistics from 1993-2003. She has been a fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence since 1994.

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