Rundi Wu | 吴润迪

I'm a third-year PhD student at Columbia University, advised by Prof. Changxi Zheng. Before joining Columbia, I obtained my B.S. degree in 2020 from Turing Class, Peking University. I was fortunate to work with Prof. Baoquan Chen during my undergraduate research. My current areas of interests include deep learning, computer graphics and computer vision, with special interest in data-driven 3D shape modeling. I enjoy learning and exploring, especially in the middle ground of deep learning and graphics. I'm a recipient of the Columbia Engineering School Dean Fellowship.

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Zero-1-to-3: Zero-shot One Image to 3D Object
Ruoshi Liu, Rundi Wu, Basile Van Hoorick, Pavel Tokmakov, Sergey Zakharov, Carl Vondrick
arXiv 2023
project page | paper | code
Implicit Neural Spatial Representations for Time-dependent PDEs
Honglin Chen*, Rundi Wu*, Eitan Grinspun, Changxi Zheng, Peter Yichen Chen
arXiv 2022
Learning to Generate 3D Shapes from a Single Example
Rundi Wu, Changxi Zheng
SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 (Journal Track)
project page | paper | code | video
Dynamic Sliding Window for Realtime Denoising Networks
Jinxu Xiang, Yuyang Zhu, Rundi Wu, Ruilin Xu, Yuko Ishiwaka, Changxi Zheng
DeepCAD: A Deep Generative Network for Computer-Aided Design Models
Rundi Wu, Chang Xiao, Changxi Zheng
ICCV 2021
project page | paper | code
Listening to Sounds of Silence for Speech Denoising
Ruilin Xu, Rundi Wu, Yuko Ishiwaka, Carl Vondrick, Changxi Zheng
NeurIPS 2020
project page | paper | code
Multimodal Shape Completion via Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Rundi Wu*, Xuelin Chen*, Yixin Zhuang, Baoquan Chen
ECCV 2020 (spotlight)
project page | paper | code
PQ-NET: A Generative Part Seq2Seq Network for 3D Shapes
Rundi Wu, Yixin Zhuang, Kai Xu, Hao Zhang, Baoquan Chen
CVPR 2020
paper | code | slides
Learning Character-Agnostic Motion for Motion Retargeting in 2D
Kfir Aberman, Rundi Wu, Dani Lischinski, Baoquan Chen, Daniel Cohen-Or
project page | paper | code | video
  • I’m a great sports fan, loving F1/basketball/baseball/soccer.
  • I like playing strategy games. Europa Universails IV is my favorite.