COMS 3251 Fall 2022 (Computational Linear Algebra)

This is the website for COMS 3251, which is taught during Fall 2022.

Essential information

  • Lectures: Tue/Thu 10:10am–11:25am in Northwest Corner Building 501
  • Recitations: Fri 1:00pm–2:00pm in Computer Science Building 451
  • Instructor: Daniel Hsu
  • Course assistants: Abhinava Sikdar, Albert Jan, Alfonso Velasco, Ari Carter, Eleanor Lin, Lindsey Yang, Samuel Deng, Shreyas Bhat, Xian Jiang
  • External links: Courseworks
  • Auditing policy: Auditors are welcome to sit in the lecture as long as there is room. But we do not have personnel resources to accommodate additional students in office hours, in recitation, during exams, asking questions on Ed, etc. Also, please do not ask for access to Courseworks.