Li Erran Li

Uber ATG

Adjunct Professor
Computer Science Department
Columbia University

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

--Albert Einstein

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Research [Google Scholar Citations]
  • Machine Learning Systems and Algorithms
  • Graph Parallel Processing
  • Networking and Communication Systems
  • Mobile Computing


Selected Publications


Tutorial and Talks
  • Co-taught with Jeff Schneider, Machine Learning for Autonomous Vehicles, ICML, August 2017, Sydney Australia
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning: Foundations, Recent Advances, Frontiers, Deep Learning Summer School, July 2017, Bilbao Spain
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning: Recent Advances, Frontiers, REWORK Deep Learning Summit, May 2017, Boston
  • Scaling Machine Learning as a Service, PAPIs, OCtober 2016, Boston

Professional Activities

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