John Demme

Associate Research Scientist, CASTL
My Curriculum Vitae
My PhD Dissertation

John Demme
Department of Computer Science
Columbia University
1214 Amsterdam Ave.
Mail Code 0401
New York NY 10027

Papers and Talks:

  • Increasing Reconfigurability with Memristive Interconnects (paper)
    ICCD 2015
    John Demme, Bipin Rajendran, Steven M. Nowick, and Simha Sethumadhavan
  • Side-Channel Vulnerability Metrics: SVF vs. CSV (paper)
    WDDD 2014
    John Demme and Simha Sethumadhavan
  • A Reconfigurable Fabric for Accelerating Large-Scale Datacenter Services
    ISCA 2014
    Andrew Putnam (Microsoft), Adrian M. Caulfield (Microsoft), Eric S. Chung (Microsoft), Derek Chiou (Microsoft and University of Texas at Austin), Kypros Constantinides (Amazon), John Demme (Columbia University), Hadi Esmaeilzadeh (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jeremy Fowers (Microsoft), Gopi Prashanth Gopal (Microsoft), Jan Gray (Microsoft), Michael Haselman (Microsoft), Scott Hauck (Microsoft and University of Washington), Stephen Heil (Microsoft), Amir Hormati (Google), Joo-Young Kim (Microsoft), Sitaram Lanka (Microsoft), James Larus (EPFL), Eric Peterson (Microsoft), Simon Pope (Microsoft), Aaron Smith (Microsoft), Jason Thong (Microsoft), Phillip Yi Xiao (Microsoft), Doug Burger (Microsoft)
  • On the Feasibility of Online Malware Detection with Performance Counters (paper, slides)
    ISCA 2013
    John Demme, Matthew Maycock, Jared Schmitz, Adrian Tang, Adam Waksman, Simha Sethumadhavan, and Salvatore Stolfo
  • A Quantitative, Experimental Approach to Measuring Side-Channel Security (paper)
    IEEE Micro Magazine, Top Picks Special Issue, May 2013
    John Demme, Robert Martin, Adam Waksman, and Simha Sethumadhavan
  • Side-channel Vulnerability Factor: A Metric for Measuring Information Leakage (paper, slides)
    ISCA 2012
    John Demme, Robert Martin, Adam Waksman, and Simha Sethumadhavan
  • TimeWarp: Rethinking Timekeeping and Performance Monitoring Mechanisms to Mitigate Side-Channel Attacks (paper with additional appendix)
    ISCA 2012
    Robert Martin, John Demme, and Simha Sethumadhavan
  • Approximate Graph Clustering for Program Characterization (paper)
    ACM Transcations on Architecture and Compiler Architecture, January 2012
    John Demme and Simha Sethumadhavan
  • Rapid Identification of Architectural Bottlenecks via Precise Event Counting (paper, presentation)
    ISCA 2011
    John Demme and Simha Sethumadhavan.
  • I, Robot, Architect - Wild and Crazy ideas (abstract, presentation)
    ASPLOS 2009
    John Demme and Simha Sethumadhavan

Projects websites & Software:

  • easyperf -- An easy to use interface to Linux's perf_event.
  • pmu_sync_sampler -- An alternative Linux kernel module for performance counting which reads all counters on cycle interrupts.
  • Android Malware Performance Counter Data -- The data we used for "On the Feasibility of Online Malware Detection with Performance Counters"
  • libsvf -- A templated C++ library to help in computing SVF.
  • LiMiT -- A low overhead, precise event counter interface.