• MutaGeneSys
    A tool that integrates OMIM and HapMap-based single- and multi-marker predictors of causal SNPs to report the collection of associated alleles in a whole-genome-typed individual.
  • Xplorigin
    A tool for parsing population ancestry of admixed individuals.
  • Germline
    A tool for detecting IBD segments in "unrelated individuals".
  • Dash
    A tool for detecting association to clusters of IBD segments detected by Germline.
    A tool for imputing HLA based on GERMLINE output
    A tool for selecting INdividual FOr Sequencing by Total Information Potantial, based on GERMLINE output
  • ShareViz
    A tool for graph visualization of hidden relatedness based on GERMLINE output
  • HaDiT
    A tool for computing and visualizing allelic distortion in tumor SNP data
  • PoolDesign
    A tool for designing overlappign pools for variant-carrier identification
    A tool for power estimation and design of whole-genome resequencing projects aimed at rare variant associations.
  • Zinfandel
    A tool for detecting CNVs from low-pass WGS data.