Bigshot Quiz

Know the science.  Know the art.  Know your world.  Know it all.


Bigshot Quiz is a free online game that lets you put your science, photography, and geography skills to the test.  Each topic is part of a broader STEM curriculum that is covered in depth on Bigshot's Web site.  Earn points to boost your Bigshot Levels and make your mark on the world map, and earn stars to print customized certificates that you can hang in your room.  Do you have what it takes to earn a gold star?

Do You Know it All?

There are ten categories to choose from (three in science, two in photography, and five in geography) and three difficulty levels.  Earning a star on a quiz in a category unlocks a more difficult quiz in that category.  You can save your progress and even track your performance on particular quizzes over time.  Plus, every quiz is randomly generated over a very large bank of questions and answer choices, so you'll never play the same quiz twice!

Go for the Gold

By scoring highly on a quiz, you can earn a bronze, silver, or gold star.  You'll also be able to print a customized certificate to prove it.