Brian A. Smith Snap E-mail: Columbia E-mail: Curriculum Vitae: PDFBrian Smith CV Dec 2018

Hi, I'm Brian!

I'm a research scientist at Snap Research developing future projects in human–computer interaction (HCI), games, and augmented reality. I work closely with Snap Lab (Snap's hardware division) and with both Rajan Vaish and Andrés Monroy-Hernández within Snap Research.

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I will become an Assistant Professor at Columbia University's Dept. of Computer Science in Fall 2019, where I will work with students to develop a vision for what the next generation of computers will look like: how they should behave, how they can be interacted with, and how they can better fit into the bigger picture of people's lives. I believe the future of computers is mobile, wearable, personalized, empowering, and ethical. My research is interdisciplinary and incorporates AI, sensing, vision, design (including game design), and accessibility.