Bigshot Connect: A Photo-Sharing Web Site for Kids

Photography, geography, and culture made fun.


Bigshot Connect is a photo-sharing Web site with a powerful moderation platform backed by teachers and parents.  If you have a camera—any digital camera—you can create a museum on Bigshot Connect to show your best and most interesting photos.  New museums are arriving from every corner of the globe, and each one provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of a Bigshot.   Capture your life, travel the world, and discover the joy of photography!  Bigshot Connect is currently offline.

Travel the World

The world map is your all-access ticket to other Bigshots' museums across the globe.  Soar to the streets of India or vacation on the beaches of Vietnam—you are only clicks away from becoming a world traveler.

Inspire a Group

As a parent or a teacher, you can form a group on Bigshot Connect to allow your children, students, and friends to share their museums with each other.  Host photography projects or share photos from a class field trip—Bigshot Connect can help enliven any curriculum.

Safety First!

Bigshot Connect is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for Bigshots of all ages.   Our staff approves all user-generated content before it is made public, ensuring that photos do not contain personally identifiable information.