Logic Learner is an online learning tool that helps computer science, engineering, and mathematics students improve their fluency and problem solving process in writing proofs for propositional logic. This tool can also be used in a variety of other disciplines and contexts. Differentiated levels allow students to adjust the difficulty of the statements they have to prove, while receiving automated feedback. Students can choose to see hints and the optimized solutions if they get stuck. After using the tool students will feel more confident in applying laws of propositional logic and show improvement in selecting the correct law to advance toward proving a statement.

Link: https://logiclearner.ctl.columbia.edu/

Tutorial: https://logiclearner.ctl.columbia.edu/tutorial/


Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi (co-PI)
Nakul Verma  (co-PI)
Amogh Shreedhar Inamdar
Michael Tarnow

Zarina Mustapha
Sam Sadeh
Natalia Dittren
Abby Noelle Schroering

Past Members

Michel Vazirani
Mehr Kaur

Daniel Borovskiy
Uzay Macar